The 10 Actors Who Played Opposite Gender Roles Flawlessly

The 10 Actors Who Played Opposite Gender Roles Flawlessly

When the existence of the art of acting, used male actors to play the parts of women. It plays or theaters, or keep the bygone era of old movies, it should be allowed to work alone in front of the audience out in public was considered indecent. But, times have changed, and so have the reasons for the second crop of artists Sex shoes. Today, actors and actresses, characters, script, to do justice to the story or character, playing to their own sex. We take a look at some of the actors who played opposite gender role flawlessly.

1. Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving luce el pelo facial o el pelo diferente longitud, si bien es un cambio en su estilo. Sin embargo, los agujeros de ojos azules que son continuas, al igual que su hundidos, hay algunas cosas, y por su capacidad para tirar o mantenimiento de cualquier carácter. Es decir, que se presentó con varios personajes en la película Cloud Atlas 2012, al igual que la mayoría de los actores de la película, que están fuera de los parámetros de su género o etnia. La película fue el papel más significativo en la enfermera Noakes, tan feo era fea de adentro hacia afuera, pero Hugo era una mujer viciosa.

Muchos actores y actrices han jugado un diferentes roles de género. Tyler Perry, de nuevo en el cobertizo Madea Michael J. Fox, Amanda Bynes en los machos, me encanta Gwyneth Paltrow en Shakespeare pudieran descansar su género, a veces cómica, a veces debido los personajes o las demandas de la historia. Cuando las líneas son los roles de género normativos es poco a poco borrosa en el mundo real, y que Conchita Wurst y Lea T. era aclamado por su valor cuando la gente como, la gente quiere estar teniendo una mayor fluidez exigido por género puede tener que romper las reglas a la vez, algunos de los que tienen mejor rendimiento, el arte, la fluidez de género se quede atrás, que puede ser el pionero.

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful and prestigious actresses of Hollywood. He has maintained a balance between beauty and skill. He is one of the most popular actresses, and well known for his sharp jawline, high cheekbones and beautiful body. He prosthetics and makeup using the pound lost its regular beautiful stylish avatars, and 2010 wore the appearance of an equally stylish guy in the movie Salt. The end result was a cameo that was written for a smart man, a man in uniform, but disguised, was completely changed by the beautiful Julie.

3. John Travolta

John Travolta is one of Hollywood’s most talented people, and represents the very manhood. His strong and solid construction, and deep-set eyes, a non-traditional, timeless look and behave far Travolta. He said the role of Edna Turnblad in the 2007’s Hairspray. A woman who is paid by the traditional Peter Pan character is inserted to just like, Turnblad traditionally male actors, and the 2007 remake of Hairspray did not deviate from that. Travolta, in pink sequined dress, bouffant set up, the “shed man’s man”, and is exhibited by my women.

4. Cate Blanchett

Blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, prominent cheekbone, intelligent smile: that’s Cate Blanchett, who has taken every role she has touched to a whole new level, receiving accolades from critics all over. In the 2007 movie I’m Not There, based on the life of Bob Dylan, Blanchett played the role of Jude Quinn, a personification of Dylan, representing how the bespectacled singer was in 1965. It is hard to imagine anyone else beating her compelling and surreal performance, donning look with short and messy black hair and black attire, for which she got many awards and nominations.


5. Hilary Swank

Well chiselled face, as if that was not enough, the most beautiful light brown hair, and a lovely warm skin color for Hilary Swank romantic curls to lose that game in Pixie cuts. Overall, he is, do not hesitate to sake, cut his mane of character, and Teena a trans boy Brandon boys had not a mark was bending gender values up to offer an attractive young woman the 1999 film, exploring gender roles, biological sex and sexuality, based on true events. Swank her character as a person who lived a month to better understand, and highly appreciated.

6. Robin Williams

Robin Williams has made us laugh and cry, and everything he touched into gold, all with his acting skills, and have impeccable comic man with evergreen smile changing time. They are known to have adopted any image for the characters. His portrayal of the eponymous character in the 1993 Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic where she plays a frustrated father pretending to be a woman to be close to his children and wife. A pudgy, his view of the incredible makeup and acting as a gentle woman, the story was so convincing as the other characters which will fool us fooled.

7. Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton’s pale face Rage brings ice pick redness Queen’s simmering inside her for life. When he’s not acting, she is a fashion muse, and experiences with stunning outrageous hairstyles. She was seen playing the changing role where male lady on stage, and novelist Virginia Woolf, she lives for centuries as to TV and up to portray the title character plays a man where, based on the 1992 film one morning a woman was chosen. In the film, Quentin was cast in the role of Queen Elizabeth as she toyed with crisp gender roles.

8. Linda Hunt

This little wonder woman is of just 1.45 meters, but she is a huge package, known for her powerful acting, and her rich and resonant voice which she has lent to various documentaries, commercials and cartoons, including the animated musical film Pocahontas. In the 1982 movie The Year of Living Dangerously, she played Billy Kwan, a Chinese-Australian male photographer, for which she chopped her hair off, dyed it black, shaved her eyebrows and padded her waist. She was the first woman to be honoured with an Academy Award for her playing a character of a different gender than her own.


9. Alec Guinness

Alec Guinness after the Second World War, the great English theater actors, Shakespeare was that the theater was moved to Hollywood blockbusters. He brought to life some of the great characters on stage and screen, and a gentleman had a traditional debonair. In 1949, the comedy Hearts and Coronets The eight different characters, a lady named Agatha D’Ascoyne of whom was a woman played. His work was in stark contrast to the previous or following character, and the man was an example of the trend, Cloud Atlas films women’s game.

10. Charlie Chaplin

A luminary in the world of cinema, is best known for his slapstick comedy, and art as a master of irony to write the film. Remember sloppy avatar on the screen, Chaplin was a lovely man off-screen. Back in 1914 a busy day in the film, he slipped into a wide gown, and turned to the man with a beautiful woman with toothbrush mustache and bowler hat. The film is short, with just 6 minutes, and although Chaplin character certainly his brilliant role as a wife. But certainly for all the comedy and entertainment, makes this one of the first to show that kind of courage.

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