Really interesting facts about Italy

Really interesting facts about Italy

Interesting facts about Italy, the list would be literally endless. Here is just some of them.


Interesting facts about Italy : General facts

Italy Italia Italian word which means a calf earth has its name.

Italy is the most crowded nation in Europe.

Italy’s capital Rome is known as the Eternal City.

It is almost 3000 years old.
Italian Republic formal name of Italy.

It is said that the country has a large number of functions for every mile marks.

Beautiful Italy is made from the hill or mountain 4 / 5th.

Vatican City and San Marino Republic of Italy 2 independent states.

Shortly after the completion of the 1173 Pisa tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa began to lean.

After the construction was carried out in 1173, nine years of work, the engineers called “Tower will remain stable for at least the next 200 years”.

Interesting facts about Italy : Fashion & Accessories

  • World popular brands Armani, Gucci, Prada and Versace are owned by the Italian fashion leaders.
  • Italy is well known for the production of Sports cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari.
Interesting facts about Italy : Food

The world is a track on any Italians invented the famous pizza. But one thing that Naples people who made it popular.

We pizza, pasta, Gelato and Formaggio love all foods Italian dishes. You can find examples of pasta variety of foods. Usually these vegetables, it is used in combination with tomato sauce, meat and cheese.

Used O is more important to the people of Italy for their meal times. At times remain closed for several hours for food shops.

To more than 140 types of pasta in Italy

The average for Italian pasta consumption is estimated as 25KG / year

The first was opened in Rome’s popular McDonal

Interesting facts about Italy : Arts & Culture

The majority of volcanoes Italy Any other country in Europe.

The 26 million left the country during the period up to 1985. In order to get a better life, but it’s just one-quarter 1861 Italians back home again.

Most of the Italian people’s names “ends with” or “O”. Russia is the most common surnames for Italians.

Italian rules of the system remains the same with the Latin language. Italian language is adopted more than 90% Latin words.

Used for more than 50 million tourists visit Italy every year. While Italy has managed to get about 63 percent of revenue from the tourism industry alone.

Vatican City has its own radio, phone company, TV stations, postage, is proud of the money. The total area is around 108.7 acres, this nation can lock the door during the night hours.

World famous writers Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio and Francesco Petrarch and the Italians.

More than 85 per cent of the Italian people are Roman Catholic. The Protestants, Muslims and Jews.

Sardinian island in Italy as well known for his popular witches. They are the women who made the health potion for their residents. It was a secret language which was passed on to their daughters.

Interesting facts about Italy : Education & Sports

“Rome University” being one of the oldest universities in the world.

Being a popular game, which is played everywhere around bocce Italy. The target ball will be placed at a distance of 25 feet from where I stood in all players. Game, players must roll the ball to reach the target should be as close to the way the balls that can.

On the coast, you can play Bocce people with small Frisbees.
Football is a popular sport in Italy. In late 1800 I was introduced to them.

Italy’s World Cup winning record result in matches 4 times. The years 1934, 1938, 1982 & won in 2006.

Are popular with fans of football in Italy called “tifosi” which means typhus career.

When compared to the rest of the Western world, Italy has the lowest birth rate 2nd

Hope you all like it really interesting facts about Italy. We suggest the reader. Please let us know if we missed any facts included in this list, which is able to tell.

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