Top 10 Best Pakistani Female News Anchors

10 Best Pakistani Female News Anchors

Here is a list of Top 10 best Pakistani female news anchors.  nba jam apk

Sana Mirza News is a leading anchor Pakistan. He himself is to assemble a working journalist and news as well as a contributor to set the script to be presented in a news bulletin. After he started working part time FM radio channels in 2003-2004 he worked as a producer with an anchor. Professional Sana Mirza is an MBBS doctor.
He distinguished between news casters to the one currently working in Pakistan. She reads her powerful voice, good appearance, as he reported (face, eye and hand movements), please, how to speak with confidence and brilliant smiles (journalists, politicians and others) is is famous for. It is a combination of confidence and success and is now a prominent face of the TV. Initially, she started her career as a jockey for Radio FM 100 and come out with great success. Then he worked for before settling in to the media on various TV channels.

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2. Ayehsa Bakhsh

A leading Pakistan by Ayesha Bakhsh one of the leading top-notch anchors in the “News” for private news channel. He was born in July 1981 in the district of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 4. She is the daughter of Mian Mohammad Bakhsh profit and Rubina. He studied at the Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi and has a Masters degree in Communication Sciences. Before working for Geo News said he worked as an anchor on ARY News. Later I joined Geo TV, Pakistan’s Geo TV newscaster Senior Currently in January 2007. His first appearance was on live programs on TV as a host “Member present.”. Moreover, the hosts in the absence of their permanent host of “crisis cell”, “Today Kamran Khan Saath” and “Laakin”. In 2012, she won Best Female News Caster media 3rd award in Pakistan.

3. Maria Memon

Maria Memon is a newscaster and Geo TV anchor person. She was talented and beautiful girl confidence media.Maria working for Geo TV since 2008 and is the anchor. He was graduated in software engineering, but he wanted to be a doctor. After graduation he began working as an HR consultant and project joined Geo TV Geo B as a program coordinator for English, but he attributed canceled. The bureau chief of Geo TV News sent in the room where they began their journey. Christiane Amanpour (CNN anchor) is a favorite anchor man, they come and they show up. They want to work and do the job that they have followed a day of glory. Initially hosted its confidence to prove her skills in media programs Maria “from Mere Mutabiq” Originally the program.

4. Gharida Farooqi

Gharida Farooqi was a newscaster and anchor person on Geo News. He has joined as host of Samaa TV newscaster and programs. He left after receiving the offer attractive package and program Bio sky. Currently he hosts a political talk show “60 Minutes” SAMAA TV. Gharida a brilliant and bold anchor person. He showed very good performance, which has hosted multiple shows.

5. Sadaf Jabbar

Sadaf Abdul Jabbar, a host of famous newscaster and Pakistan. Pakistan is young women who are leading esta career with a strong grasp of the news anchors. Relativamente is a basis for the latest news and new style to offer a big fan. He is one of the few news anchors who are committed to a news channel. She Karachi, Sindh. Currently they are hosted ARY show “AB talk”.

6. Samina Ramzan

Samina Ramzan is a news anchor and producer. He is one of the few female newscasters and anchors that are also tied the wedding knot in the field and their flourishing done. She has worked for one of the best news channels in Pakistan. Ie, when the channel Geo News, ARY TV and world news. He is from Lahore, Pakistan. He is a decent, straight man.

7. Iqra Shahzad

Iqra Shahzad is one of the leading names in the news. The PTV Sundays hobby, healthy Morning, hobby, mast and many leading news sources before joining in the talk show hosts many programs Muzic anchor.
While the city is a city-based news channel where he later joined the 42 he was considered among the best anchors a news anchor and news c42. Then he joined SAMAA News reported. Finally he joined Reuters as a news anchor program “Earth from Meri Meri Duniya hosts. They have a great news daily news bulletin News anchor watch.

8. Sara Alfred

Sara Alfred Karachi, Sindh. He is a respected and significant newscaster and host. That is not always the main bulletin with a sweet smile. She has worked for Geo TV, the TV and TV. It all starts from the Geo TV. Where she started her career. On the first, he worked as a news anchor. He is reported to be a favorite among the viewers. This led to an offer from world news and join them.

9. Farah Qadri

Qadri Farah has been associated with the broadcast industry since 2007 and has worked for Pakistan’s leading news network. Farah has been associated with the print media and is a leading English news paper with Pakistan. Currently he is working for CNBC Pakistan. She reported on a diverse range of experience is rounded, like the news media industry, and stories from all over the country in one of the most turbulent periods in its history. This experience of ordinary people facing problems and Pakistan have provided invaluable insight into the thousands.

10. Quratulain Hassan

Too much hard work, skill and beauty naturally equipped, so we have to explain how the famous news anchor Quratulain Hassan. He is more than that and we are sure about it. She has a successful career in this field is one of the favorite dream. The good news anchors of the Pakistan summed up as one. Now he recogida a great deal of fans and still continue to do so. He belongs to the city of Karachi, lights. He mesmerizes the audience with her soft but powerful voice.

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