Others may cut the lock uhy so much? – 5 reasons I Kanavu

Others may cut the lock uhy so much? – 5 reasons I Kanavu

When a dog licks, we can assume that as a sign of love. But what about cats? Unlike dogs, cats are not so expressive in showing love. A cat, a separate love you licks, it also means a few things. Let me explain why my cat lick me all possible causes and unlock your query. Read on.



Why Does My Cat Lick Me So Much?

1.She Keeps You In Her Good Books

Just the existence of a wide range of personalities in cats there as human beings. If you prefer something closer to their loved ones, prefer to sit on laps, and preferred with you while you are working. Regardless of which person it licks does it mean that you are in the good books, makes up your car. She recalls how her mother gave her up and cleanings.

As pet animals can harbor many microorganisms in the mouth, just do not give you permission to give one to a language wash over her face sure. She tries to do it, distract him by throwing paper balls redirect or catnip toys or accessories like other parts of your body.

2. She Is In Pain

Licking used as part of many animal pain management. If your cat exhibits a strange habit, closer. In pain management, but they have to lick or you can lick more shots than necessary.

If your cat has any open wounds such as skin irritation, insect bites, infections or certain fleas. Sometimes, they may be invisible wounds.

Check your cat’s paws and claws. The claws are not properly cared for, chances are, they will grow in their paw pads. Just imagine how painful. To soothe herself, can begin to need more exposed pussy.

If you figure out the reason behind this behavior are not able to call your veterinarian. Finding the disease early is the best care you can give to your beloved pets.

3. She Needs Bonding

Experts say that the kittens should be with his mother for at least 2 to 3 months. She will to if there are any orphan in less than seven weeks, he finished sulking licking / adolescents than their likely need.

You mother cat can be seen, and children are licking pussy each other as a sign of continued affection. When they lick each other, this means, “Hey, I like you.” When it does appear to have a cat licking May that he meant his mother recalls. I did not call her back to lick you, but I advise you to talk to comfort her as a mother. Now all he wants, relationships

5.She Undergoes Stress

But people are offended by our pets ease tension. If your cat is licking rather than need, ask yourself, why does my cat, I might have done that so lick, recent changes possibly induced stress on this. It could be anything.

  • A move
  • Adoption of new pet
  • Houseful of new people

However, it will be resolved with time pressure situation. For example, if “is due to the shift” to a new place, it will be automatically detected when your pet becomes familiar with its surroundings. “If people Houseful” Therefore, your cat will be licking off when you leave your home. If their stay is not necessary, you can use it as an excuse to kick them.

5.It’s Her Own Way Of Territory Marking

Why do you think the mother cat always you try to touch them even when they licks her kittens during their early years. You are right. Things by licking her kitten, and she loves people, is set on an area of particular interlopers. He licks the more you need to sell it means that he is passing a message to the trespasser, saying “you have it, keep it.”

What If You Want Your Cat Stop Licking You?

If your cat likes you and you claim as its own, it would feel so good there. But you always have to lick it, you may find it unpleasant. Do not punish any reason. He displayed a compulsive licking! Use a little spritz of water or just move away. This will show that you do not appreciate this behavior. They’ll understand. If you break your head to analyze why they are doing it, I keep Instead, why do I fix my pussy with such a meeting, licking doctor. It will not hurt. Instead, it will help solve the problem as soon as possible.

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