No audio output device is installed – Resolved

No audio output device is installed – Resolved


Is no audio output device error when installing your face, it means that your operating system is unable to detect drivers installed on your system. There are only 3 things that can go wrong in such cases.

1) Faulty drivers (95% possibility)
2)Faulty Windows (4% possibility)
3)Faulty Hardware (Mother board or sound jack) (1%)

The way to learn is a problem of the above, you will need to use the Windows Troubleshooter. Start Trouble Shooter and follow the instructions on the screen. It will try to solve the problem but will usually end with the message “can not identify the problem Troubleshooting”. up.We do not indicate the offender can solve this problem by using the following methods.

No audio Output Device Is Installed – Solutions

Method 1 : Run The “Sound Drivers Test”

As you said earlier, audio output about 95 percent are caused by defective device drivers of the issues. Fixing this problem is very simple. Follow these simple steps and get it fixed.

  • Open device manager. You can do it by typing “mscv” in run dialogue box
  • Navigate to the group “ Sound, Video And Game Controller” and expand the “+” sign
  • There you will see the list of audio drivers installed on your laptop or computer (Typically, High definition audio device or Realtek high definition audio).
  • Check the state of your audio driver . Anyone of the below states is possible.
                     1)Drivers are enabled
                    2)Drivers are disabled
                    3)Drivers are listed and have yellow sign on it
                   4)Drivers are not not listed
                   5)Drivers are listed as unidentified devices
 If Drivers are listed and still sound is not working on computer

Check whether the Windows Audio service running.

Open Run (Windows Key + R) and type “services.msc”.

Appearing window scroll down until you find the item called “Windows Audio”. Check the “startup type and status”. This position “should be started” and should be given as to “Automatic”.

If you see any error, select Windows Audio entry and right-click on it.

Properties and change the startup and capacity as needed.

If Drivers are Disabled


Select the driver, right-click it and select Enable. Once you should enable audio drivers this way, your sound working position.

If Drivers Have Yellow Sign On It

If drivers are listed with yellow sign, it means you’re a bad audio drivers. The audio drivers will fix the problem of no audio devices are installed again. Back to work, you need to install the already bad drivers.


If you are not able to spot the correct driver for your computer or laptop manually, you can utilize the free driver finder programs. It will ease your task.

Select the driver you want to reinstall and right click on it.

The Display menu is displayed at the click install or delete or whatever your system.

Now you go to the manufacturer website, the latest audio driver download and install on your system.

If Drivers are not listed or shown as unidentified

If your drivers Device Manager does not appear as registered or unknown driver, chances are you may have to install drivers for these viruses or malware programs. In such cases, this will solve the problem to install the latest version of your audio drivers.

Method 2 : Windows Got Corrupted

The chances are if something does not work above, spoiled your windows

In such cases, one of the solutions to the problem will help solve the problem.

  1. System Restore
  2. Repair windows using windows disc
  3. Windows Formatting ( Windows Re installation)  

Method 3 : Hardware Faults

Only “install audio devices” is the minimum amount due to faulty hardware. Still, not all the available options and to work due to faulty hardware If you have tried, like 100 percent. She needs a professional treatment right. Otherwise, unless you have strong knowledge in working with hardware parts, I would not advise you to fix it yourself. If you do, your motherboard or other hardware devices may accidentally corrupt other circuits. Needless to say, it will incur additional charges. These complications following options to avoid using any.

Options To Fix Faulty Hardware

1) Hire a hardware Engineer
2)Get a USB sound card

If using the above steps, you can fix is installed on most of the problems associated with the error code, an audio output device. Try these methods and one which we know what works for your unique situation.

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