The most intelligent women in the top 10 2014

Top 10 Most Promising Female Models in 2014

Everybody loves fashion and style. It is not? Of course, because we can live without anyone being based on the fashion of the time. That is, those men and women from the world of beauty icons in both spells considered. Yes, it brings together an outfit or accessory notice a model of viewers and thus can make them excited for it.

1. Joan Smalls:

Joan which Smalls, the fact that they can decide to do the original is a black beauty, still list the top color not only (white or black) an individual’s status in the list or not. it is due. Joan Smalls’ innocent beauty and excellent performance in this show have been the key factors of success.

2. Saskia de Brauw:

Other times there are various reasons for us to name it as the most promising female model Saskia de Brauw. The first special is its beautiful personality, career, its friendly and courteous nature and dedication to the commonly used costumes she wears shoes which peeps through in the course of its outstanding figures.


3. Liu Wen:

Liu Wen, a few years ago moved to the US from China in search of her modeling career began. He is a revolutionary game changer to lead the world of fashion. Asian models are flawless performance and dedication have one heart to love the day before.

4. Karmen Pedaru:

We say that if Karmen Pedaru no wonder that it is engaged in fashion and modeling projects. He is a famous and sensational models only. He is also the brand ambassador of cosmetic and female underwear brands.

5. Cara Delevingne:

Cara Delevingne looks really attractive in bikinis and swimming suits. It is not? Yes, because they have amazing woman who has been gifted with a sexy body and beautiful personality

6. Daria Strokous:

Daria’s Strokous gray colors are enough to add a pulse on the shiny surface of the eye and the success of this super cute personality. Daria’s Strokous is now to New York, Paris and various fashion shows in different cities, so they can be designated as a well-versed supermodel era.

7. Karlie Kloss:

Karlie Kloss is famous for her sexy looks and attractive personality. But her beauty and grasps the viewer’s eyes, the sexy appeal walks on the ramp. Believe me that whenever he appears on stage, her beauty magic spread.

8. Suvi Koponen:

Suvi Koponen, a golden-haired young fashion model. They have all, comes to the garments on display in various national and international journals index. If she wears a swimsuit Suvi Koponen looks beautiful.

9. Edie Campbell:

No, it is Paris Fashion Week or American designers’ show, Eddie Campbell’s name is taken as a guarantee of success. He is a charming and beautiful fashion model for a new edge to its appearance in the show and of course women have a difficult task.

10. Sigrid Agren:

Sigrid Agren has been lit every photographer’s dream. Extreme levels of beautiful images and talent has made a classical fashion of that era.

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