Most exotic golf courses, 30 world

Most exotic golf courses, 30 world

That you are out for some swift golfing experience any of the usual golf club? If yes, then it is high time for the game to enjoy the fun and visit their golf clubs and resorts to experience the next level. Around 30 of the world you should try the most exotic golf course.

Top 30 Amazing Golf Courses In The World

  • Bahai Beach Resort and Golf Club


Baha’i Beach Resort and Golf Club is located in Puerto Rico. The resort’s slogan that your life will be a haven of golf to their place as the soul will delight both. The resort also comes to professional and play professional golf offers apprenticeship programs will be taught with the appropriate skills and techniques. You can do many things at the golf club, and they are certainly not unique to his home alone in a foreign course.

  1. Cabo Del Sol Golf Course

Cape del Sol golf course can enjoy that she is, she is the best golf course design and management for most American standards as games that a lot of golf experiences. They have a sea and a desert course. Ocean Course craggy outcropping of rock that stretches over a mile of beach. This has been dubbed the “three best finishing holes in all of golf.” Meanwhile, there is the 18-hole course in the desert provide you with ocean views. It combines the beauty of the desert and a mixture of the specific course. Undulating course is different in length from 7,100 to 4,810 green.

  1. Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club

What makes it unique in Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club? Well, you should keep off the grass when you are playing when you could not see anything green to walk on. This grassless golf course offers an 18 hole course that you can enjoy the game. This is our list of the 30 most exotic golf courses throughout the world, giving a top place named as one of the top 10 unique courses in the world. It is also the home of golf, St. Andrews in Scotland mutual rights instruments which are considered as the only golf club in the world. It is located 3.5km north of the city center.

  1. Danang Golf Course.

Designed by Greg Norman, the golf course is built on the land of China Beach. Fairways Golf Club are pretty generous and involved limited use of water and OB. However, if you take a shot, you must be careful so that you can go pins bunkered and undulating green. The fairways are lined and explains the long needle as pines clear, therefore, you just might be inspired to take your shot, sand and pine needles to get back to the game as you should be really careful not to miss the shot.

  1. Elea Golf Club

The golf course offers spectacular golf management calls “the glorious setting.” It is located in the center of Elea Estate in Cyprus, Elea Estate Golf Club Par 71 of the most challenging 18-hole course, which. Designed by Sir Nick Faldo, natural masterpiece that combines the main features of the Mediterranean and relax with the beauty of the Mediterranean.

  1. Falsterbo GolfKlubb

The gold clubs in 1911. The world has played in golf club in Sweden, the most romantic Falsterbo air hand drawing is that you can ever imagine. Because it begins challenging 6 hole, not only in Sweden but also world famous. The long par-four first hole course at 450 yards. The balls will be bound with the wind blowing from right to left Denmark should not, you will be a difficult experience. In addition to walking a path that cuts in the middle section of the course. The fourth, on the north side, and the fifth is a known risk with water marshlands are located along the eleventh hole.

  1. Firestone Overseas Golf Course

Overseas at Firestone Golf Course is a 9-hole golf course is a lot more available to the public. It is located just outside Monrovia, Liberia at Firestone rubber plantation. However, of course not real grass that they can not boast off fairways instead, which made them unique is their substitute for them. Fairways are rough, and they should be because of the color of grass as components of “browns” the. Dr Brown after sustaining real grass contains sand, iron ore, oil, and ore are a bit expensive compared to the browns.

  1. Himalayan Golf Course

Whenever you are in Nepal, you should not feel clearly awe-inspiring lack of a great game with as Himalayan Golf Course for golf with its unique and exotic golf course, the mountain sceneries. For the past 12 years in the golf course, Surya Nepal’s biggest golf tour for 2nd place in the Western Open, Nepal. What makes it unique? Maybe it was chosen by the renowned golf architect 6th overall before the world as one of the 80 unique holes in the world. It is also the only designated openings in Asia can compete with road-hole par 3 16th, and cypress view of St Andrews. The sixth hole is the only hole island is built on a natural river.

  1. Kauri Cliffs at Matauri Bay

David Harman construction of the golf course. It covers 7,119 yards / 6,510 meters. Par 72 championship can challenge every skill level golf course with five sets of tees. At sea with six in 15 holes are played with plunging cliffs looking over the Atlantic. He then Reese was renovated by Jones, as its original long, hard, forced to carry the par-3, as well as tees 2nd and 9th was actually a short drop shot three equal to the 5th perforated holes were not significant changes. There is also a renovated bunker on the fourth hole.

  1. La Jenny

definitely bet for you at La Jenny golf course as you can play. Four Part 3 and Part 4. The water hazard, there are six original hole, which includes standing beside it is a real driving range of 20 refugees.

  1. Leopard Creek

Leopard Creek in lakes and small streams that practical wisdom and exciting golf will be diverted to create scenic views. Golf is not a threat to their water does not wish to associate myself with creatures from crocodiles to look at Leopard Creek as a home for one, however. Aside from crocodiles, you can find the horses, buffalos, antelopes and a chance to see elephants. However, be assured that the golf course is naturally designed to protect you and play by their animals. One of the most memorable 505m par-5 13th hole to hole in the Leopard Creek on the banks of the Crocodile River, 32 meters above the green water.

  1. La Iguana Costa Rica Golf Course

In Costa Rica it has 72 par golf course and has been especially designed by Ted Robinson. It has 18 holes in total and is located along an exotic rainforest that gives you a great view of the ocean. Your golf guides will lead you and guide you through the highlights of his thrilling addition to the course. Costa Rica La Iguana golf course assure you that you will have a very capable and challenging game that is worthy of victory.

  1. Mission Hills Golf Club

Phuket paradise isle dream of a golfer, the golf course by Nicklaus Design. It is considered a championship with 18 holes as a world-class golf courses, which allow you to play in a picturesque background with golfers a lush green fairways and the Andaman Sea opposite the white sand filled bunkers Gives. Although the sea view of the sea water can be a difficult one since it comes in seven holes. One thing is also a factor you might be wanting to play golf that you should have as a strong Headwind may face on, but then again, you golf lessons advice do not worry as the time of day.

  1. Nirwana Bali Golf Club

Legendary golfer Greg Norman, Nirwana Bali Golf Club designed this visual masterpiece. It combines dramatic views of the Indian Ocean with lush Balinese landscapes. Given the vastness of the Indian Ocean and spectacular scenery you can play the award-winning golf course. With terraced rice paddies providing a challenging and world-class, unique experience, Nirwana Bali Golf Club is right and best for all skill levels.

  1. Oitavos Dunes

Oitavos Dunes is a family heirloom. Three generations of the Champalimaud family will continue despite the latter’s death ensured vision of the patriarch. The golf course is a residential property and an additional beauty to great tourist attraction. Created by Arthur Hills golf course and intertwined with the beauty of nature as a golf course that connect while maintaining a sense of environmental sensitivity that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. If you are not well versed with golf, you can be the coach of the Academy’s gold. If you are a starter or you simply want to improve your skills, there’s no better way to do it in the Oitavos Dunes.

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