Magic cheat sheet to get 800 credit score

Magic cheat sheet to get 800 credit score

If you want to get 800 credit score? It’s a dream population of only 13% credit of magic though almost everyone. The national average credit score is 692 and the magical defense to stand out from the national average score is 723. The rest is somewhat difficult. So how can you get the magical 800 credit score?

If you want to unlock the secret behind the 800 credit score you should take tips straight from the horse’s mouth.


The FICO’s official website. Most of this site will often try to sell different things with those of credit monitoring services. This site also provides very useful information from them to increase your credit score.
Winners of 800 Credit Score

If you already know who have credit scores in the desired range, you can dig better ask them and on their payments, credit use their credit history and more details.

Do you think it’s too much work? Here you spammer sheet.

The following tips are given about these so-called MyFICO website successful.

1. Age of accounts

People get credit scores range from 760 to 800, their account with at least 6 years old. But I know you can not control this factor. But do not worry, that’s not the only thing that contributes to a 800 credit score.

People who know the score 20 is an unusual case. Most people, even those who failed to hit the score in the 30’s.

2. Bad debt

If you have any combination of your credit history, or has made a public record? No high success is their record. Although you will be left in a good condition, you can not get a perfect score until the date of charging ER. Do not think that I’m discouraging you on. With bad debt charge, if you want to hit a credit limit seriously, your credit score is 800, you can get 700+, but what you can do to prevent charge-offs also take action. Unfortunately, you find out some ways to clean them only if their records.
3. Number of accounts

I know who want to scare people with horror stories of some credit cards. But to be frank, if you use them in the right way, it can really help you to get a credit score of 800. There is no limit as long as you rightly how many credit card can be as manageable.

4. Mix of credit

If you are serious about getting a credit score of 800, you have to accept the fact that many very important that the right mix of different credit account.

Your credit card limits plays an important role in achieving 800 credit score. It calculates how FICO credit score is kept as a secret. But one thing is sure. Your credit limit equal high success notice, are not limited to some $ 1000 or $ 2000 credit limit. If players try to get a credit card from a high credit limits.

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