Intel technology and device protection McAfee Mobile Security for Android

Intel Device Protection Technology and McAfee Mobile Security for Android

Intel ® Protection Device Technology

Recent industry reports indicate, Android laptop, the OS more than 59 percent of tablets and smartphones worldwide. While Android is an open platform for the explosive growth-oriented been issued, the risks exist. In addition, the Cool security and management functionalities for Android-based devices meet the needs of these organizations are looking for corporate IT departments. Intel ® Intel has recently announced that it has added enhanced security capabilities for protection Device Technology (IDPT) Download Android OS running on Intel-based devices. Together with robust security features on existing core Intel SoCs, IDPT further strengthen Intel’s sacrifice. The Android OS security extensions to proactively block and is delivered through malicious applications and websites to help protect devices from malware. As V3.2: These devices need to be paired with an active security service, McAfee’s mobile security. Additionally, security extensions performance or affect the power optimization routine to minimize scans. The security service of new and changed files to monitor and thus, rather than minutes, takes seconds to change is not that reliable to bypass the scanning of files in the past, such as SCAN organized enabled allows, simply scan these files. McAfee’s mobile security protection with Intel technology device integration through kernel-level security support. When the device while maintaining speed and used in conjunction with battery power protection McAfee’s mobile security development, allows you to protect the device from blocking and malicious software.McAfee Mobile Security

The following download are presented as the main reasons for the Android open platform OS:

      Malicious apps and inadequate protection from Trojans
      Incomplete device security / management APIs
      Exposure to rootkit
      Unauthorized boot loaders

McAfee Mobile Security helps address these issues. McAfee anti-virus is a leader in product development. In this article, we download redefine McAfee Mobile Security for Android.Loading McAfee Mobile Security Online

You can download the McAfee Mobile Security from Google Play.
The first time you start the download and antivirus software, app SMS and need to move the process to activate via email.

McAfee Mobile Security is a well-designed and intuitive interface. Czech security, application security, web security, and others Home screen displays the main anti-virus components. Let’s consider the important ones.

The basic components and function
Security Scan

With this function, you can check files for viruses. Checking took a 2GB Micro SD card just 10 minutes, and had received threatening. For comparison, other antivirus lasted three minutes and could not find any viruses.


With the help of this function McAfee scans and checks your apps for different types and levels of access to the data and functions of your Android device. For example, Google maps requires access only to the user’s location, but Facebook collects detailed information about the user, such as location, access to the network, contacts, and other data. If you don’t want an app to have access to your data, you can quickly delete the app.

Web Security

This is an advanced tool to block malicious Web pages. Unfortunately, it does not require extensive component settings. You can enable / disable it. Never mind antivirus sites indicated yesterday.
Find Device

This component allows you to manage the data on the device. You can lock your device and displays a message on your mobile phone allows you to request the return of STI. It is also possible to track the location of your phone. You can make a backup copy or wipe all data from the phone.


They reduce the risk of malware infection on phones and tablets. If they believe that others do not have to worry about downloading an application, the security of Google Play. But malware is more and more all the time, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. And McAfee Mobile Security is a very active choice to protect your device.
This paper talks about the benefits of McAfee’s mobile security, namely:

    Database of anti-malware scans apps
    Easy to use interface
    Remote data management on the Internet (to protect the phone against theft and loss).

Thus, Android and more tools Intel, visit the Intel Developer Zone


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