India’s top 10 in 2016, the CEO pay

India’s top 10 in 2016, the CEO pay

India is known all over the world but this has created waves abroad as well as local industries and businesses. Red Indian economy, international economy, China’s neighbor and with its mirroring emerging Asia, India owned India based companies and never really hit before. Came the rise of a generation of Indian influence and stature of the Titans and the effect can not be simply ignored the rise of these industries.

It lists the top 10 for the highest paid CEO in India. Find out just how much they are worth big business!

1. Kalanithi Maran

61.27 Million Rupees

Sun Group President and Managing Director, he is also the Sun Network, among others, Suryan and Red FM, Sun Cable Vision and Sun Pictures, Chairman. He is to be non-controversial and highest-paid trader in India.

2. Kavery Kalanithi

61.26 Million Rupees

Kalanithi India’s most important and highest-paid business. The media magnate’s, Sun TV group, which is known as a media titanwho not only revolutionized the status of women in the media industry, but India’s business environment.

3. Pawan Kant Munjal

44.62 Million Rupees

Son Brij Mohan Lall Munjal, Hero he served as chairman Motocorp. Mechanical Engineer, he Motocorp chaired by profession. During its more advertising partnership deal with Honda Motors.

4. Kumar Mangalam Birla

44.56 Million Rupees

Birla name is said to be one of the main supporters of the so-called “industrial revolution.” Aditya Birla Group chairman, he led the company to become India’s third-largest conglomerate. The Chancellor of Birla Institute of Science and Technology.

5. Brijmohan Lall Munjal

44.19 Million Rupees

Scooter and motorcycle manufacturing company., Founder Munjal of Hero Motocorp late. Initially the company produced bicycles founder, the company rose to the top of the bicycle manufacturing industry to become the world. Before his death, the beginning of a partnership contract rose to become the largest producer of motorcycles and scooters in their company, and with Honda Motors recently did.

6. Sunil Kant Munjal

42.26 Million Rupees

Hero Motocorp Munjal, Managing Director based in New Delhi, an Indian scooter and motorcycle manufacturer.,. Also, a leader in the automotive industry, he also served as a member of the board of directors business Doon.

7. Onkar S. Kanwar

41.71 Million Rupees

Kanwar was said to be a late Bloomer when it comes to making it big in the business. Indian tycoon, who has passed the age of 70 now, was recently the biggest contract of my career. Apollo Tyres founder, he recently spent Cooper Tire and Rubber buy US $ 2.5 billion. Something they have been seeking for many years – are necessary to put the rubber Kanwar as one of the major traders in Asia.

8. Desh Bandhu Gupta

37.15 Million Rupees

Limited Gupta Lupin, a multinational pharmaceutical company’s founder and chairman.

He began his career in the business but are not in academe. He Palani, Associate at Birla Institute of Technology associate professor in Rajasthan. Lupin was founded in 1968 with a budget of 5,000 Indian Rupee. One of the largest in Asia – Lupin is now US $ 2 billion pharmaceutical company under his leadership.

9. Murali K. Divi

35.41 Million Rupees

MuraliDivi qualified chemist with the US India is known to be one of the powerful pharmaceutical giants. He said the generics maker Divi’s Laboratories in 1990. A naturalist who loves the study of plants and flowers, he owns 25% of the US $ 472 million company. When a tropical cyclone in 2013 destroyed the factory, they go out due to a natural disaster and risk to their business and build a factory.

10. Sajjan Jindal

35.38 Million Rupees

Jindal, chairman and managing director of JSW group companies. Jindal, mining, energy, ports, software, and controls a business empire with interests in infrastructure. That controls the second largest steel producer in India, he said. He is also the former president of the Chamber of Commerce Association of India (ASSOCHAM).

Jindal family also holds government positions. His brother also held a similar position and the Indian National Congress party while his father was a former member of the Indian Parliament.

As of 2014, Jindal empire worth some US $ 6.4 billion.

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