How to make your hair grow faster and longer?

How to make your hair grow faster and longer?

Most women with long voluminous and lustrous hair. In fact, beautiful hair has always been a muse for artists and poets and is also an important part of fairy tales. Although as a woman, it is, sometimes it’s a head-scratching issue of how to accelerate your hair grow so long to find a clear question. Whatever your situation may be.

You might end up with weddings or just a bad hair cut that ruins the whole look. These are just some of the many reasons you will need a long hairstyle with fast speed. Whatever the reason may be, will help your magnificent hair grow more rapidly in the following way from the right tips at the right time.

Modern Lifestyle dry, weak and dull hair, steady growth, has given rise to many problems like gray hair and healthy hair. With proper hair care- massage, spa and washing, diet modification and techniques, hair can be brought back to life and full length.

First, it is important that you know your hair type. You’ve already decided it’s like a little magic in your hands, learn some tips and tricks. Here are some of the different proposals for the hair to grow longer and faster.


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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer

Tip No 1 : Give Your Hair A Proper Oil Massage


Regular and proper oil massage is very important to look good hair.

Starting from the scalp to the tips and massage your hair. So you do not end up breaking the hair, massage and try to be very intense.

Always hair massage by a small partition by one. This will ensure the oil reaches all parts of the hair.

, Braiding your hair after oil massage rhttp: // 6316 Action = = editeally post helps to lock moisture in the hair.

Reverse technique is the fastest way to grow hair. In this technique, shake their hair (neck down in an inverse manner and hair hanging down to the ground) flip. Now apply the oil from the scalp to the hair tip. This method increases the growth of hair 2-3 inches in a month.

Best kind of hair oils

Coconut oil:It is the most widely used hair oil. It’s less greasy and suitable for all hair types. It is rich in nutritional factors like vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil strengthens hair. Despite this, the hair so as to grow faster and longer, it is advisable to combine coconut oil with other oils that suit your hair type.

Olive oil:It contains antioxidants that help repair damaged hair and reduce hair fall. Olive oil provides smoothness and shine to hair.
Castor oil:This oil comes with a dense consistency. This increases the thickness and volume of hair.
Almond oil:It makes hair smooth by locking moisture management and property them.
Rose oil:It increases hair strength. It does a great job with frizzy hair.
Jojoba oil:It precipitates the hair and scalp clean by removing clogs. Finally, it promotes hair health.
Ayurvedic oils:Ayurvedic Oil Amla, methi, bhringraj, vegetable and flower extracts, semi, etc. Brahmi contains a mixture of different oils and herbs such as these are clear and effective features. This will help in the treatment of various abnormalities in the hair oil.
Essential oils:Essential oils act as stress pain. They are an important part of the
Aroma therapy.Some of lavender, thyme and rosemary lemon, sandalwood, geranium and tea tree essential oils etc. are some types.

Tip No 2 : Schedule A Proper Regular Hair Wash


Washing your hair everyday rinses off its natural oils. It is advisable to wash the hair every 3 days.

Wash the hair with lukewarm water with a reasonable and good quality shampoo. So, are open scalp pores and carried away all oil and dirt particles. Scalp Conditioner rinse off with cold water to close the pores.

Do not apply conditioner from roots. Right to request proposals by mid length.
Wash hair at least 4 times a month.

Tip No 3: Treat Your Hair With A Spa Like Home Treatments


The best way to give your hair a spa treatment within a shorter time and at lower cost by using hair mask. Some masks can be made easily at home, so you do not have time to visit expensive salons. They now grow your hair, how to change the way you study these proposals in a formal practice can be applied once a month.So instead of stopping. No matter how busy you do in your spare time taking care of your hair.
Onion and Green Tea mask:

Some pieces of onions, garlic and cloves and cumin powder. Make a paste by combining them.

Add olive oil paste.

Add a little green tea to brew.

Mask is ready.

Apply this mask gently massage the scalp to tip.

Wash after 30 minutes.

Well, as you know other people do not like to spread the mask unpleasant odor, try to apply the mask when you are alone at home.
Mustard Oil and Cinnamon mask:

Mix ground cinnamon with mustard oil.

Apply hair and massage thoroughly for at least 5 minutes.

Leave it overnight and wash.

Coconut / almond / castor / olive oil can be used instead of mustard oil.
Egg mask:

Mixed with honey is a good mask for oily hair white eggs.

Egg white and egg yolk mixed with lemon works well with dry hair.

Wash your hair mask after 20 minutes to apply.

Do not use hot water to wash the hair is almost as important as the eggs are warm and cook it.

Coconut milk and Honey mask:

Mix coconut milk with honey.

Leave mask on hair for 30 minutes before washing.


Tip No 4 : Promote A Healthy Hair With The Nutritious Food Intake


How do you ask a question to make your hair grow faster and longer, I’m sure you’ll come across the topic of nutrition intake. Here’s why.

Hair is mostly protein. If they consume a diet rich in protein like eggs, beans, soy protein, etc.

The high content of vitamin A that dinner, B complex, C’s, D and E. It also increases the omega-3 fatty acids, iron and zinc intake.

Consume more citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, cod liver oil tablets.
Fried foods, cut down on caffeine and aerated drinks consumption.
Avoid smoking.



Tip No 5  : Cut Back On Hair Colouring & Re-bonding


Yellow hair coarse and dry up in the long run, the chemical reaction with the hair.

Your hair does more damage than using darker shades of hair color using light colors, natural colors.

Always use an ammonia-free hair color
In addition to chemical dyes can opt for henna.

Re-bonding techniques for permanent straightening or curling hair, the structure alters.

So, leaving them weak and thin.

After such treatment, the hair need to carefully deal with.


Tips No 6 : Introducing These Little Life Style Changes Can Make Your Hair Grow longer Faster


Oil massage before washing the hair at least 30 minutes.

Do not brush wet hair. Use a comb rather than in an emergency.

When dry, the top, the layout of tangles and hair brush tips to reduce breakage.

Detailed Avoid using heat styling such as curling, etc.

Apply a good quality hair serum before any heat treatment on the hair.

Do not trim the hair too often. But of course, the bad and snip off split ends is timely.

Rubber band hair loss. Instead, use clips.

According to your hair type that use hair products of good quality.
Use products with less harmful chemicals.

Get rid of dandruff and split ends hair is longer and grow faster.

In the case of stunted growth of hair due to hormonal imbalance, consult a doctor.

Finally and most stress free, be happy and have a good sleep importantly- daily.

After discovering these little tricks about how to make it faster and longer than your hair, you are preparing to give a new life to all your hair and enviable for their fellow women. Go, lovely lady! Go and show your precious hair proudly.

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