How to Make your eyes look bigger with makeup?

How to Make your eyes look bigger with makeup?

Eyes power to grab attention. Everyone I see is that people notice the 1st. Not everyone is blessed with attractive eyes. The most expressive part of the face. Some people are blessed with wide eyes as well as dark and thick lashes. This is the people’s eyes to look at how to make it look great. Now we can support people to get as many tricks, big eyes in makeup.

Eyes, appreciate our eyes with the makeup of interest seems to have been related with the pleasant appearance of big women. A study that men usually large eyes, thick lips and prominent cheekbones like all states to focus attention focused on the status of women. Big eyes are related with the required personality features some of honesty, youth and simplicity. The youth is considered as an attractive trait in women, usually women prefer big eye. Big eyes and defined eyes therefore are associated with innocence, vitality and youth, women do not realize that I should focus on their eyes. Among the many attractive traits in women, facial symmetry is an important feature that is classified as a constant attraction. Define eyes are big and skills to show a more symmetrical face. If you want to know how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup and then continue to read this article. Many makeup tricks are available to make your eyes a broader, closer and look younger. Here we present some useful tips to make eyes look bigger.

 3 Easy Steps To Make Eye Look Bigger

First, start up your eye makeup wearing mascara. On the contrary, it will create an instant.

P Use the forehead

encil, it is best to start at the outer corner of the area that needs more definition.

To lash down with blue and white pencil to trace your upper lash line.

The move will see the white of your eye.

Tips On How To Make Eyes Look Bigger


Here are some useful tips that you can follow your eye makeup to make eyes look bigger.

Use White Eye Shadow


glided regardless highlight the inner corners of the eyes with the eye shadow will make a big show of their shape. In fact, your eyes do not need to spread the eyelids with white shadow in learning how to make it look bigger. Little, a shadow or white point at the inner corner of the eye by using a pencil. Looks bright white and helps to open the eyes as eye DOE. The tear duct inside rim of the eye, light eye shadow that the closure is the best process. This is one of the beauty secrets of celebrities. If you look at older celebrities picture closely, white or light shade in the inner corner of the eyes, how can you find it makes them feel bigger and brighter.



When it comes to how to make your eyes look great with makeup, mascara plays an important role in this. Eyes that are not covered by the eyelids, so many makeup tips are concerned with the eyelashes that are available. You need to use mascara to highlight the eyelids, but before that, eyelid curling is very important.

Curl Your Lashes


To complete the eye makeup, eyelash curling is an integral process that can give you a finishing look. Lashes to curl, starting from the roots and gently blow open and closed for 5 hours Slow curler. The increased length of the lashes, move half way to your curler and repeat the same process for 5 times. It offers natural curl. If you are having flat eyelashes and it takes more time, as well as trying to curl, you can use a good quality eyelash curler. Another method is to use hot air from a hair dryer on your lashes before curling curler. Keep in mind that you should not be too hot curler since it involves the risk of causing injury to your eye.

Use False Eyelashes


• Long eyelashes can give a shape to the eye, but not everyone is blessed with thick eyelashes. For these people, the wonderful gift of false eyelashes. If you absolutely have to apply false lashes can give you, exotic, beautiful and natural shape. In big cities, offers several hot rods swaying department stores. Bergdorfs, Henri Bendel are some examples. You can also get false eyelashes in drugstores. False lashes are too long, you can trim it depends on what you need with scissors. Keep in mind that the application looks better than going to move multiple layers. Moreover, it is not a very dirty and after some lower lashes with eye makeup can look younger, suggest anything to the lower eyelashes.

Bottom Lashes

Makeup advice from specialists to avoid mascara to lower lashes, since it is actually close your eyes. However, some makeup artists suggest that this is true for some women. For some women Eyeliner and mascara on lower lashes, they can make a dramatic difference. So, try it yourself and it is best to find out whether he does or not good for you. If you want to apply mascara to your lower lashes, hold vertically eyeliner brush and then sweep back and forth. Once it becomes much softer pencil eyeliner, it may be a good choice to wear eyeliner on your lower lashes. After applying eyeliner, using your fingers, because the scar line from the more natural look.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Thick, expressive eyebrows can give your eyes a swing effect. If you are looking for how to make your eyes appear ready to do anything to get big and a great eye, and then you put a little effort into maintaining the shape of the eyebrows. With its manicured sure that you are cleaning with trimmed eyebrows. Shape your eyebrows need to complement your face shape. Eyebrows have the power to ruin your look. You can, though blessed with natural good and arch eyebrows, eyes a few drag drift hair loss. Maintaining a clean form of eyebrows, eyelids, which will help to keep the show even bigger by providing more space. These are the first professional to get the right shape of the eyebrow and then you can do it yourself is the best. Full and thick brows may be the best way to keep eyes wide display of other makeup. You can brown eye shadow to fill the space that appears empty arch and other areas or pencil.

Use Eyeliner

Most women who think Inky eyeliner will make your eyes look younger darkness and scared to wear them. The real truth is this: The key is to stay away from harsh lines. You smudging around your eye eye black liner can look wider. You navy blue with both top and bottom lashes, you can use dark charcoal or black liner. This will add a huge white inner lining of the eye. A visual illusion as to the task of waterlines white white eyes wide and eyes that can look bigger. Blue is one of the most favorite colors of the liner that many women like to wear. Using close eye white blue liner makes it more bright. When compared to the black eye liners, liners blue eyes have less chance of shrinking.

Use Colored Smokey

For people over droopy eyes, a deep black can disappear traditional Smokey eyes. Using blue, orange or pink shades on the lid and the best way is to add a darker shade on the outer corners and merge colors. Then your eyes will get life. You can try it with different colors to find the color that makes your eyes look wider.

Wear A Bright Lip

Are big, bright and bold lip eye catching attention. If you are not covered under the eyes of this method is sometimes a little difficult. For this, you can wear bright lips with 2 layers of mascara to the eyelashes.

Even Out

Dark circle eyes may look smaller. With the right concealer can work with covering dark circles. It is clear to the eye area and you can draw more attention dark lashes. Choose a concealer lighter than your skin tone, it will be bright as well as the pimple tons.

Apply Cream Blush

Many women are unaware of cream blush importance. Among the different kinds of makeup, cream blush is easy to use on a daily basis as well as more convenient. Cream blush applied to the eye in a perfect way that you can help to make it feel bigger. I can look in the face shine using any color of cream blush on the face. Use a clean sponge to apply cream blush on the cheeks. Take a bit of cream blush in a sponge and apply it on your face by using your two fingers. Simply apply cream blush as I like painting, where you will get your preferred result by the experience.

Tips hope your eyes in this post about how to create the look makeup will be helpful in you.

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