How Jennifer Lawrence Meteorological closest Hollywood profile 8

How Jennifer Lawrence Meteorological closest Hollywood profile 8

Taylor Swift is not the only celebrity with a terrible team – Jennifer Lawrence have yourself a very scary.
26 “The Wildest Dream” singer girl has her own stories to tell stories with plenty of fun first meeting of this group of friends, while

26-year-old Hunger Games actress. Sure, we all Brad Pitt, Bill Murray & via heard her talk about her early encounters with Kris Jenner, and we meet her for the first time at the premiere of the Mockingjay have seen the Lord – Part 1 – Humor can be as were all of them and / or cute – but these celebrities are not exactly BFFs that of humans.

Below are some of the stars, however, the closest of Hollywood friends are; OK, maybe not them as Bestie, but I can tell you quite tight with each of them an Oscar winner are. We still blonde beauty first Liam Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper and Aziz are waiting to hear I went down to meet Ansari, how Jennifer Lawrence met eight of their famous friends here – I straight from the mouth or read more:

Amy Schumer

Funny Girls is not for long – only since 2015! – But they already consider themselves to be the besties. So, how did they meet? You can thank a Comedy for Amy Schumer. JLaw told the New York Times, “where to start the e-mail that he looked at me and said, Trainwreck, after” I do not know I think I should just say I’m in love with. we e-mail, and then turned to email to texting. “immediately after that together, they went on vacation, Amy, posted pictures on instagram, thus igniting the FOMO . 





We can only imagine what it would be like having a grand tour with Adele, but do not have Jennifer Lawrence. The first meeting of their friendship blossomed after 25 release, the pair apparently dates back a few years. “Adele and I met Oscar in 2013,” Jane told TIME. “I did not demonstrate sneak remember the performance backstage” Skyfall, “just trying to rope a little closer and wires pile the ballgown squeeze, and as if to peek behind the Great Oz curtain way to see it. ” Time Oscar winner was a fangirl like. “( ‘Fan’ said Adele is not always about looks like an understatement),” after the floor had been a fan since I “” he wrote



Emma Stone

This is the ultimate BFFdom! We did this before and I was in EMMA’s close friends with Jane, and they own close friends. (Hit us women!) Who’s dating the star is actually a collaborative project because credit: Woody Harrelson. “He texted me that he got my number from Woody,” Jane said in Vanity Fair. “I said, ‘F * CK OFF! We are really good friends ever since.” Comedy duo then texted each other every day for a year! Jane, dished “This note was our version of the book I feel like – 365 texts” Adorbs. 




Woody Harrelson

Speaking of Woody, you can probably get the idea how the 26-year-old actress. Yes, behind the scenes of The Hunger Games – but the story is still pretty interesting (and funny as hell). “I was very nervous,” explained about his first meeting afraid to Jean EW. “Due to the say the trailer was going to go with me, was what was going on could not decide drills Hey, how are you, I’m Jane!” Or “Hey, Woody, it It is an honor to meet you, I’m Jennifer. ” I should go with it is the way to go on that bus and Jane or Jennifer mutter, ‘himself went over to him to say I did Katniss. He is probably already knows ‘plans to nothing, though. he admitted: “I went in just to make yourself and introduce only the first words out of my mouth fell was’ a sex swing? (This FYI, a yoga swing.) Needless to say, he was embarrassed AF, but Woody said the collision would not change a thing about it. He said it would reveal incredible, esteemed actress, “the first moment of meeting, and the door opens and it’s like, ‘Hi, Woody, I can only say … that a sex swing? I worked so hard, so I laughed and said, ‘Well, it might. ” ‘
Josh Hutcherson
You might think that J & J’s Hunger Games courtesy meeting, but it is, surprisingly, not the case. M During an interview with the TV news was a bit confused about how they first met. “It was that? He was on a dance floor, and the like, What’s up? ‘ Do you have recalled the “gene. “I believe the reason is that when you get this thing started to say, out of freaked …” chimed in enthusiasm, “If you call us?” “Yes, the SAG Awards,” Jane stated. “You were on a dance floor.” “Yes SAG Awards,” Is Josh agreed. “But we were not dancing at the SAG Awards.” So, as the main meeting, two SAG Awards … but he is not sure about the situation. 


Zoe Kravitz

X-Men: First Class co-stars are good friends of the session in his first hangout, continue to be the most likely. Zhu revealed to Rolling Stone, “I met him a few times, and he was like ‘you and I should come out.” I went to her house, and she opens the door in a towel. He’s like, ‘Come in. Sorry, you’re early, I was in the shower. ” And she drops the towel completely naked as it gets in the shower, and starts shaving legs. She was like, ‘We’re still here. Okay? ” And I like, I think we’re there! ” Was “Yes, we know this was not their first meeting, but it’s still a fun story like this! 



Eddie Redmayne

Betcha did not know that these two superstars Academy Awards were tight. All actors and actresses Silver Linings Playbook director Oliver Stone’s theory has already met each other through the years, and since then their friendship. For a 2015 piece for Interview magazine, Jane’s original Eddie interviews, and fun in a special session to discuss them. “Do you remember the moment I saw you BAFTAs in London?” Eddie asked. When you were making money Silver Linings Playbook “It was about 2 years ago, and lace were the MIS. I made Berlin the day and ate some dodgy salmon on a plane. Sally field was presented with. red carpet, and I and we were in the bar and I saw you there. we sat back and went to the BAFTAs and Anne Hathaway, and as driving lights went down- “” I’ve got to remember, “Eddie the gene fun. He admitted that “in and out of the auditorium down the corridor … 5 minutes ago, I was chatting with the bar all the way down the stairs a few feet off the Royal Opera House for projectile vomiting – but lighter and sweat. “” I wish you had said to me, “he said. “I took pictures!” Such a beautiful story, think don’tchya?

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