Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak is now almost a reality

Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak is now almost a reality

Who would deny the Harry Potter movies or an Invisibility cloak like the one I saw looked like a Star Trek series owner? Why reason “to get to be anything” from enjoying your favorite show or dangerous conditions free of cost or to make fun of others, you need a cloak of Invisibility. Anyway, one day the sun will be hidden from human eyes is an essential thing in everyone’s life. The real question, “it will be possible to go really invisible?” Is.

At present there are 3 technology is the ability to bring the hidden sheet. Now let’s briefly discuss all of these 3 technologies.

1) Camouflage technology
2) MetaScreen Mantle Cloaking
3) Carbon Nanotube

1.Camouflage Technology

This is for you if you are willing to take the camouflage fashion. This technology works in a similar way to the potter invisible cloak but the thing is that it requires a very complex arrangements. To go up in there, one day it would be hidden from the sun to have a rain coat as a dress coat. How does it feel to know Check out the video below.

Like clothing is made with a special type of raincoat material cloaking. If a person sees the cloaking observer who sees only object in the background. Yes, it is an altered image. It provides a picture as you can see through see through the glass.

This observer should stand forever to get to the specified position. They move forward or backward, so our Invisibility Cloak will not work.

Need to be improved to give a 360-degree protection of gear to become one of Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. Any how the wrapper (Augmented Reality) is the ability to bring back the technology Invisibility dream into reality.

2)Metascreen Mantle Cloaking

Fantastic fun smaller version of Invisibility Cloak eventually called Metascreen material invented by researchers. This is not metascreens micrometres mm thickness only. Unlike other technologies which hides objects from only 2 dimensions, it wrapped object hides all 3 dimensions observers from all positions.

How this Metascreen is made?

Copper tape (66 micrometer thickness) is associated with a variety of design in a thin, flexible polycarbonate film fishnet (100 of micrometers). When it is used to wrap metascreen 18 cm long cylindrical rod, the hidden object from microwave. Microwave frequency is 3.6 GHz and above.

In fact, we can even hide a natural environment and an asymmetrical objects by using a daylight technology.

How it works?

The researchers used the bulk matameterials pose many difficulties in practice. It is used to remove micro waves coming around the bend or anything Metamaterials. It supports ultra-thin metascreen technology concept of Invisibility “mantle cloaking” the scattered light from the sheet & cloaked object known as canceled each other out. But the cloaked object invisible.

Garment cloaking technology on the other, it is easy to build “one of the main advantage of hidden sheet and offers more comfort with finely optimized bandwidth.” Is

In principle, lay wreath wreath wreath technology can also be used in visible light. Above all, there is no difference in visible light in the microwave, infrared and physics. These are waves which oscillate in different frequency. When comparing the bulk material, metascreen thin materials are very easy to make sense of the available frequencies.

On the flip side, though it’s only technology we can hide objects the object, using visible light in micro meter scale. Point to note here is 1μm = 0.001mm, width and red of our blood is 6 μm.

3) Carbon Nanotube Invisibility  Cloak

Hot Research cloak of “Invisibility to be in full swing in the field of nanotechnology like Harry Potter production” of. We all know the science behind the mirage effect, right? This same concept is used to make a Invisibility Cloak using nanotechnology.

Hot sand in the desert is the key here. Mirage effect varies in intensity and gives it the appearance of pool water. We can see this mirage effect on sea, road or desert.

The researchers an idea of the Invisibility Cloak options using carbon nano tubes at UT Dallas. You can read the research paper in this chapter finally here. You need some knowledge of nanotechnology courses.

The Nano Nanoflight known as an Israel-based company has been successfully tested in functional nano-coating on a dummy missile. Surprisingly dummy missiles disappeared from radar.

How The Nano Coating Works?

Missile radar waves emitted by nano-coating paint, it scatters incoming light waves. Back then, the radar is not clear enough, which is valid only to know what radar waves cloaked object gets back.

It was the invention of nano-enabled paint has opened the way for business success. These technologies have the potential to use these materials to hide the soldiers on the battlefield infrared and night-vision goggles.

Check out the video here to learn the concept of Invisibility ability of carbon nano-tube technology.

On the flip side, the Nano Tube Invisibility cloak only works in two dimensions. It is also struggling to stay around even a full-grown person that weighs heavily. So this kind of Invisibility cloak can only be used to hide large objects such as buildings and military tanks.

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