Google Play Store app updated to reduce the size by 50%

Google Play Store reduces the size of app updates by up to 50%

In the Google Play Store app updates size is announced. In this state the Android Developers blog, the company has been implementing a new delta algorithm (called bsdiff), which your applications and reduce the size of updates for the game. According to the company, for approximately 98% of app updates from the Play Store, said only the changes (delta), current AP PC and downloaded the update and will be merged with existing files . It reduces the update size by 50% compared to the previous algorithm. One of the examples given, was Google Chrome. Big up to the date of the M47 M46, 22.9MB now is 12.9MB.

In addition, Google has more clearly to know the exact figures when updating or installing apps or games that funds will be used. Users will now shows the current size and APK file size Download not. In addition, users have the app or game, they will only see the size of the update. I trusted him as an App or Mobile data use acerca downloading an update on, or when they will be judged based on more wait should have access to Wi-Fi this will be very useful for mobile users with limited data.

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