Google may integrate Google Goggles into its camera app

Google Goggles Google Camera app can integrate this

The new feature will reportedly allow users to take a picture and outline the object they want to get more information about.

Download Google Goggles can plan to integrate the camera Android app. New, according to a report by Slash Gear feature will allow users to search for any item details by taking a picture of it. This feature is already available through the Google Goggles app, but the app is only as reliable images to locate the specific areas to rise to the new version will improve. According to the report, the new feature will allow users to view specific areas of an image in order to fine tune their search.

In addition, it is possible that the report can be used in this technique esta tools that technology has been tested what-the-ground “of wearable computing devices.” The Google Glass, or AR / VR headset As. Previous reports have suggested that Google is working on a new Google Glass Google Cardboard VR headset. The new VR headset is to come up with additional sensor and lens, and can be made using plastic instead of cardboard used.

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