Girl with impossible waist

Girl with impossible waist

No matter how much glamor girls come and go, daughter Brosmer fans, they have a strong glamor model at all times. A question may pop into your mind. why so? For this reason it is impossible to get the 18-inch waist measurement only, 38 cm, ie meters.

Interesting to know? Keep read. More interesting facts along the way images are waiting for you.

1.A Perfect HourGlass Model

Almost everyone who saw in her Brosmer 1950 (still feel), the image should be printed right next to the word “hourglass figure”. Look at the picture below. You can also feel the same.

2.Her impossibly small waist and classic beauty that includes Fortune, Life, Time, Look and has many shows on over 300 magazine covers. Magazine addition, her face has been all over the country music albums, calendars and appeared on several hundreds of billboards.

He won the beauty title in competitions over 3.She before reaching the age of 20 years 50 beauties.

4.Betty is the highest paid supermodel in 1950. Google the term “highest paid supermodel” and you can see Kim Kardashian to appear next to his name.

5. 18 inches is a little secret behind tiny waist. He won it by a rigorous training exercise called “lack of training or waist belt tightening”. As its original position shows internal organs and ribs shape alters, training is considered as one of the most sick.

6.Although has been presented as “real hourglass figure”, she took off her clothes. Unbelievable!

78 years of age due to being one of the co-founders of 7.Today, popular world, health and fitness magazine “Look”, he still 2 Magazine column, “Body by Betty” “Health by Betty is writing “, which is published in over 17 languages around the world. So it should not come as a surprise daughter now that many millions of readers and fans.



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