Facts human mind – all the strange strange

Facts human mind – all the strange strange

The strange wonders why we call the human mind? Let’s find out.

The human brain during life, learns a lot of knowledge to guide safe and every other organ in our body. Well you know your mind. But you have to try that hard to figure out how your mind at all? One is to induce thirst mind that some really interesting brain facts.


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Gray cell matter – pink or gray

When a man is alive, looks pink in the nerve cells in the brain. After his death it will turn gray.

Your brain can power a light bulb

Our mind is a great energy resources. You are awake, but from 20 to 23 watts of power. This is more than enough energy to power a light bulb.

Big spender of oxygen & heart power

The human brain is only 2 to 3% of our total body weight, but it requires 20% oxygen. It also takes 15% of the total power produced by our heart.

Don’t blame your brain for Headaches

You can not feel pain because it has no pain receptors in the brain. Then, you may have heard, but in the real, the pain receptors in the brain that transmits pain, surrounded by the people “are the real culprit nerve impulses that the brain which says they died”. I was surprised with the facts about the brain? Read on. Then you have many surprises along the way.

Reading aloud promotes a brain development

This indeed, is one of the strange facts about the brain because we usually teach to our children to read and politely. But you can promote brain development in children, you should talk to the reader and the front of his voice.

Strange control
Mind control can not be left to the right side of your body. The left brain controls the right side of the body. Yes that is moving together.

Your brain can create strange illusions at great heights

When you climb a mountain 8,000 feet likely, your body will start to feel a lack of oxygen. These influences are responsible for processing visual and facial recognition which your brain cells. As a result, your naked eye can see a lot of strange illusion of light that emanates from himself or others, so that you can see what the other body. Yes, it is, as we say in the past. In such cases, if you are lucky, your brain and some fairy will show you that you may show frightening ghosts.

If you are oxygen deprivation, you do not need to go up the mountain to meet the past.

It is not only a joke that makes you laugh

Can not laugh at a simple joke. In fact, to make you laugh 5 should perform a simultaneous activity in different parts of your brain.

How do people fall in love?
The hormone oxytocin fall in love people, the feeling of love in mind.

Table knife is enough to cut our brain into pieces

I say that if 80 percent of your brain is made of water (glia) Can you believe it? It’s enough to cut your brain after a very soft tissue, a table knife into pieces when compared to all other organs in your body.

Why all geeks prefer to work at night?

Have you ever asked them? I tell you why. , It is because our brains are more active at night than it does during the day.

Brain games or music – which one really helps your brain?

So help stimulate your brain, brain games do you think, it’s time to rethink your ideas. Researchers have revealed nothing on your mind these games. But when you listen to music, it grows memory updates concentration of power, and it helps to organize the chaos in your mind refreshed. To enjoy music!

Unchangeable size

When your mind is exactly the same weight as the cause now.

People shop more when they are sad

Sounds strange? But it is a proven fact. Blues are facing those who try to purchase more to alleviate their suffering.

Mass storage device
Human figures more than 10 bytes can hold you. Never show your reluctance to learn new things. Yet you will never run out of space to filled.You your data bytes.

I hope that your brain has enjoyed all the facts. Here is the strange fact about the human brain.

Although we have conquered the whole world with all of our innovations, which makes our brains work remains a mystery still. As you attitude and is associated with brain function, always, please keep to yourself and spread smile on your face.

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