Couple’s last few moments captured on camera?

Couple’s last few moments captured on camera?

Have you ever seen pictures on the camera caught on suicide? no? Check out what I posted below.

Right out of the families, beautiful sights and buildings, they spend their time in the images examined his collection when he really felt something strange in one image. He fell from a bridge in China as he captured the last few moments of a person in one of the photos, it seems.

Real collateral images were taken in the Yangtze River in Wuhan in central China to take a few moments.

Carrying out the news of the suicide attempt, last was true picture of proper family. Currently it is being protected by his relatives and friends.

Anyone who is 20 years old Han (from Caidian city there were) jumped into the river, he felt listening to the sound hits the water in a river. Young girl behind her soon fell into the river in the next few seconds. Can prevent these deaths.

She jumped in the river which was believed to be his lover. But he threw himself into the river and killed himself remains a mystery.

This photo is taken at the Wuhan Yangtze River Hubei Province in central China.

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