Budget iPhone 5C release date, design, specs and prices

Budget iPhone 5C release date, design, specs and prices

Although we always keep iPhone at premium product list, is about to come with the Apple iPhone cheap “iPhone 5C” change this scenario. Rate budget iPhone 5C IQ was launched yesterday with the iPhone 5S.

IPhone 5C release date around September 13, 2013. According to Chinese website found interesting picture, it would have been cheaper iPhone called iPhone 5C. It stands for “C”, which can be hot selling point for the cheaper version of the iPhone “color”. We all know that Apple is going to release 5 to 6 shades of affordable iPhone. Yet almost too Funky colors that we’ve got to remember by all Apple devices. But the iPhone.

Although the picture is not right at the source, the Apple logo and rounded edges gives any of our harmony.

There is even speculation that he may stand for “cheap”. Apple already “Siri” to indicate speed, designated to indicate S 3GS with iPhone 4S with S.

Apple iPhone 5S will be the next flagship model, there is no doubt about it. But if the rumors are cheap with IPHONE beginning, right, Apple will be a challenge for a large customer base will reach the budget market like Samsung and Nokia.

Although Apple are doing a rotation after just a nothing, cheap phone production confirmed rumors in the Internet community. Reliable source, according to a recent report from the fall release of iPhone 5C iPhone 5S release date of September 6 well.

Here are collected all the rumors of everything from a report. To read and enjoy.

Budget iPhone 5C : Name

Naming conventions are so many rumors. Some iPhone Mini and iPhone (iPad Lite Perhaps the trend is below).

According to recent picture leaks, chances are you’re budget can have a name called iPhone 5C. The image is made of plastic budget iPhone. We only see white packaging with Apple logo, but it is believed to be the iPhone 5C iPhone boxes color choice.

As of now, it is “C” stand for iPhone 5C is not clear. T3 magazine says it may offer the best color.

Budget iPhone 5C: Design

Apple has paid much attention to the new budget iPhone 5C design. We confirmed the leaked images as an alternative to cheap IPHONE metal frame that is made of polycarbonate. They will be much cheaper to produce this budget model.

Just as the iPod Touch, we can expect iPhone 5C budget in funky colors. As far as we know, the cheap iPhone 5C color, white, blue, light green, red and yellow will come. When it comes to the screen, it is likely that the existing 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5.

3.5M Lite feature of the iPhone headphone jack, 4 Speaker port design is a lighting hole in the bottom. Although information about mega pixels and features not yet come to light, it comes with the added iPhone Lite camera and takes its design explode.

As a testament to the manufacturing process of this device, you can check the video here.

Budget iPhone 5C: Processor  

Although we do not have much information about the budget iPhone 5C, we expect with a budget iPhone 5C A6X processor or (member used 4 processor) or A7 chip (processor iPhone 5S) can.

If processors are not both, may go to the Apple A6 processor (used in iPhone 5) or A5 processor (used in iPhone 4S).

Budget iPhone 5C: Storage

The processor can be when it comes to storage options are the same as the 16 GB or 32 GB. It is likely that dropped the idea of 64 GB to save the cost of Apple’s budget iPhone 5C.

Budget iPhone 5C: Operating system

With the cheap iPhone 5C, Apple is likely to drive this brand new mobile operating system, IOS7. Thus, without any doubt, you will have an access to the market in all new applications and software programs.

Budget iPhone 5C : Price

Apple iPhone is in the process of making a budget, but the price will be a warm talk and it will be the days of iPhone 5C release date. We are lucky enough, and if the rumors are true, we can expect the beginning of the budget iPhone 5C $ 99.

Budget iPhone 5C Release date

Almost all tech geeks expects budget iPhone 5C unveiling event will be on the same day as the iPhone 5S. IPhone 5S is expected to be released on 6 September and the unveiling ceremony can fall at the end of August.

This time the iPhone 5S release date is going to be long before the launch of iPhone 5 last year.

Some other rumored launch event will be on September 18.

While there, we will see how the budget iPhone 5C or iPhone Lite are not sure, we will get back to you as soon as any new information. stay in touch !

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