Brussel sprouts how to prepare recipes

Brussel sprouts how to prepare recipes



Cooking brussel sprouts..  sprouts that is…..

Brussel sprouts, a vegetable that belongs to a family known as brassicas. This family of vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage vegetables. Every fiber of vegetable brassicas family, rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium marks material.

I love all the tricks out of brussel sprouts. Some people hate it on the cover. The rest are loving it just like anything else like me. So it does make a big difference. I would say if you ask me, those people do not know how to prepare a properly brussel sprouts.

The brussel sprouts let you tell me how to cook. If your will and your entire family are devotees of Brussel sprouts.
How To Prepare Brussel Sprouts

I told you before brussel sprouts are good for your health. You can not leave their hatred. If you are served with roast cook and at the end of the week, some will love it. Please follow the steps I have given you. If you do this, your old tasteless brussel sprouts recipe will turn into a delicious one.

Well, brussel sprouts keep all these things in mind when cooking.
Step 1 :

How to prepare Remove the outer leaves of our Brussel’s sprouts very first step tutorial course. And could it be?
Step 2:

The trunk to investigate thoroughly and if you find any hard parts removed.

Step 3 :

Start from the bottom and middle part of a “deep U cut” up.
Step 4:

Boil water with salt in it. Now put brussel sprouts leave for a few minutes.
Step 5:     

brussel sprouts tests pointed knife. The thicker parts are softer, you can start to boil and simmer for her condition.

Now you strain and toss in melted butter brussel sprouts. The tossing it with one of the following will add extra flavor to the Brussel sprout.

  • caraway seeds
  • grated fresh ginger
  • tarragon
  • garam masala
  • black mustard seeds
  • Fully chopped onions
  • finely chopped bacon bits
  • finely sliced garlic
  • chopped red chili
  • finely chopped onion and bacon bits
  • Try to extract the juice from the tinned pineapple until nothing is left.

Brussel sprouts Cooking is very simple and it is very versatile

Brussel sprouts can be used as:

  • Chop it as raw and toss it into fruit salads
  • You can serve the brussel sprouts  chops chocked into the vinaigrette
  • Chop the brussel sprouts and steam it lightly

How to prepare brussel sprouts – Other way

Eat your brussel sprouts from below as a guide to cooking, I bet you’ll start to love brussel sprouts
Required Ingredients To Make The Brussel Sprouts Recipe

per serving
Brussel sprouts – 25 gram
shallot  – 1 Piece
Pine apple fresh – 50 grams
Butter – Sufficient quantity
smoked belly bacon – 50 grams
garlic clove – 1 piece


extra virgin olive oil – sufficient quantity
How to prepare Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Take brussel sprouts and trim the specified amounts. Cut it in half. You need to remove the brussel sprouts stalk. This can be done by cutting it in “V”.

The brussel sprouts cut in fine arch

Shallot finely cut

Slice bacon into strips

Finely crush or chop garlic cloves

saute them in plenty of olive oil and the butter in the pan. Mix well and heat it lightly

It’s shallot, garlic and cook bacon is time to eat. These items to cook 3 to 4 minutes time. So that the taste will be fully released

Now, brussel sprout Add chiffonades stir well for 10 minutes. If it becomes softer in just 5 minutes is enough.

You can give a final touch with pine apple.

For your family, starting with Brussel Sprouts serving and wait for the appreciations.
Expert tips on how to prepare brussel sprouts recipe

Noodles of brussel sprouts recipe, the chicken piece or lentil fritters, will make a nutritious dish. You can remove the bacon from the list if you want a vegan dish.

You can learn how to make brussel sprouts through the following recipes Video

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