Bruises on how to get rid of scars using natural remedies fast?

Bruises on how to get rid of scars using natural remedies fast?

Basic knowledge you are sure to find a solution for how to query to get rid of quickly bruises in the next few seconds, but that bruises, what are the types I get to do before the General spare your time and Don’ts. Different types of injuries require different kinds of treatment. No one size fits all solution, I suggest you to select which seems appropriate for your condition you to go through the whole post and the best treatment.


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Most Recommended Treatments

What Are Bruises

Types Of Bruises

Why Do Bruises Change Color?

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Pain Killers To Be Relied On

When To See A Doctor ?

How To Get Rid Of Bruises Through Home Remedies?

No 1 : Arnica

It comes to writing about home remedies for injuries, the list will not be complete without the inclusion of arnica. In fact, you can see a pack of arnica gel in each player’s Survival Kit. Because the treatment of the wound, it is also used as a pain reliever for pain, arthritis and sprains. Features a rich reduction in inflammation and swelling of arnica, it is also popular among the fashion crowd.

In homeopathic treatment, better results are obtained by matching the severity of injuries dose level. However, topical arnica is all you need in the treatment of minimal injuries.

The old family farm treatment creams, topical gels, pellets and is available here as a massage oil.

When applied to a fresh bruise, you can only see the results in terms of pain, swelling and discoloration within a few hours. If you have already missed the first few hours.You can still promoting the recovery pace with arnica programs do not worry. Apply 3 to 4 times in the gel / cream day arnica for better results.

The toxic herb arnica. So for pain relief never tried to swallow raw arnica. For outdoor use only.

2.Essential oil Massage


Injured with bruises essential oil blend of massage is proven to work with bruises and hickeys such situations. Essential oil massage benefit is twofold. First Massage breaks down blood clots by improving blood circulation.

Second, the active chemical components of the essential oils offer the advantage of the healing and soothing properties. Some oil to help strengthen capillary walls, while others declined, discoloration and swelling removal, etc., help to reduce pain

  • Geranium : 30 drop
  • Lavender : 15 drops
  • Cypress : 10 drops
  • Lemon grass : 10 drops
  • Helichrysum : 5 drops
  • Frankincense : 5 drops
  • Fennel, Myrrh, Rosemary : 5 drops each

All the oil in a jar or bottle Put a comfortable one. Mix well and apply it often to enjoy the best results.
Note :

Last 2 oil are very expensive. If you can not afford to buy them right now, you can proceed to develop the oil and let them rest. Still serve its intended purpose.

3.Parsley leaves

Receive our dishes flavored with a dynamic inclusion of a celery leaves. But the sad fact are ignorant of the healing properties of celery leaves most of us. The vitamin K and vitamin C ingredients. So clear, strong low arteries reduces swelling and pain.

The wound to heal, does not need to intake of raw celery jar and spread their leaves injured area. It will be automatically absorbed by the skin. Celery leaves are known to heal wounds within a fortnight.

Every half cup parsley leaves contain: vitamin C, vitamin K of 55.9% and 53.9%


Yet parsley leaves like watercress is another popular herb that adds a vibrant flavor to our meals and sandwiches. Popular “medicine’s father was known as the” who called on this super food as treatment of Hippocrates “cured”. This blood with herb known for cleaning and anti-inflammatory properties. But the key anti-irritants as supply nutrients vitamin C and vitamin K for the treatment of a wound, you can also see the use of the number of drug store products.
How To Apply?

A quick, get some healing to crush watercress and bruised across the region. Apply twice a day.

watercress numerous medicinal properties. You can take the full study here. Although you can easily find it in your local stores and supermarkets, it is best to grow your own garden. It also can be grown indoor in a bucket of mud.



Onion scratches is one of the traditional home remedies. Then chances are you have heard already some way or another about it. Analgesic (pain reliving) and anti-inflammatory properties found in onion which is a wonderful medicine for the treatment of wounds.

Onion is also well known for sheep, treatment of diseases like sprains and swelling.
How To Apply?

2 onions bruises can be applied in different ways to trace.

The first is a very simple and straight forward. To take a raw onion slices and pieces Please apply directly on the injured area. Let’s leave it there for 30 minutes.

However, the second requires a bit more of a effort.But because it is more efficient than the first method.

A raw onion cut into small pieces.

Add 2/3 part, 2 teaspoons of salt in a small bowl of onion.

Grind it well. Is now applying this mixture to the scratches. This mixture will stick to scratch for a long time to wrap it gently with a cotton towel.

Leave it overnight. Hoping to find a significant change in the morning.



Are prone to bruise easily blueberries that can be claimed as a gift to the people. flavonoids and vitamin C helps form collagen, which improves blood circulation.Thus good combo it heals wounds quickly without leaving any marks. It also strengthens the capillary walls and promotes skin rejuvenation. Out of all kinds of berries, blueberries have been rewarded with a truck load of vitamin E and vitamin K nutrients.
How To Apply?

Follow any of the above treatments and you try to add blueberries to eat every morning.



Pineapple problem area which is known to reduce inflammation and irritation of diseases, natural ingredient known as bromelain. Blood clots around the bruised area and dispersing it also prevents the formation of a blood clot.



Cabbage, supports extreme (to control blood pressure is) packed with potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K (important in the production of blood clotting proteins) have been considered as a healing food. Anti-scratch grated cabbage is great for salads. You can use this treatment to heal the wound. Fermented cabbage vitamin K. They intestinal flora imbalance that includes friendly bacteria that can synthesize are recommended to follow a diet that is rich in the intestine to aid sauerkraut. Cabbage also includes quercetin.
How To Apply?

Take sides of cabbage leaves bruises immerse them in warm water and place it on the scars.

Flatten the cabbage and put it on the wound.

9.Use Vinegar With Warm Water


Vinegar blood cells can help to break out of the area which is full of scratches. It increases blood flow and promotes a speedy recovery.

Mix the vinegar with warm water and apply it on the affected area.

10.Vitamin C & Vitamin K to Your Daily Diet

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in protecting the capillary walls and collagen formation. When compared to others if you bruise easily, it may be a sign of vitamin C deficiency.

Although taking supplements by yourself is not a very safe way, you can add your daily dose of green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and vitamin C rich foods like bell peppers.
Vitamin K 

The inside and outside your bet by both after using vitamin K applications to heal the wound. Shopping vitamin cream drug store and are implemented 5 to 6 times a day. To promote the recovery, green leafy vegetables, seaweed, broccoli and alfalfa as well as consume vitamin K rich foods.

If it breaks out your skin and bleeding before reaching applications in applications, it is recommended to provide a proper rest for your body. However, once the inflammation is reduced, you can head to any of the treatments listed here.

Guidelines To Promote The Faster Relief Through Home Remedies


Now that you know how to get rid of all traces of the hand injury. Home remedies to help you work better, try to adhere to the following guidelines
Elevate The bruised area

Stack some pillows and settled there for a few hours of being crushed. This prevents high blood knot around the wound as this, you may notice a gradual reduction in the discoloration and swelling.

When you have a wound somewhere other than the legs and arms, obviously it can not be applied to the development process. In such cases, you can consider taking the ice pack treatment method.

I have already mentioned, improve blood circulation around the broken blood clots, massage bruised area. However, the bruises massage can cause extreme pain. So be careful with him for a massage. As it improves lymphatic process
Sun Exposure

Please expose the wound to direct sunlight for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day. If you do so, UV rays, the main culprit behind the yellow color (scratches breaks bilirubin) and makes it much faster to finish.

We all at some point or the other bruise, we should know how to get rid of bruises everyone. Do you share it with everyone you care.

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