The Top 10 Best Fiction TV Series

The Top 10 Best Fiction TV Series

It will have served as one of the technological innovations to help connect the world – TV still a long way from being just a stupid idiot box for our drawing decoration for almost a necessity is determined. Being one of the first electronic medium, news, sports, entertainment, and we have to do. Speaking of entertainment, the space through a variety of TV series in the way of filling TV – comedy, drama, suspense, thrillers, period, costume, science fiction, horror, subject to courtroom, political, etc. who have followed and attracted viewers. So, here’s a laydown this time catered to us and being the best among them in. This countdowning best fiction TV series of the 2010s is a list:

1. Game of Thrones

The list includes the Numero Uno won the title HBO fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones’. George RR Martin’s fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire ‘, based on’ created by Game of Thrones’ DBWeiss and David Benioff and premiered in 2011. fictitious continent of Westeros and Essos through its various was set plot lines and confusing multi-religion, strength, loyalty, war, corruption, sex, hierarchy, social roles, many topics, among others. Show the world have immediate success and so far has garnered 182 nominations and 59 wins. The show has already been renewed for a fifth and sixth season to be aired in 2015 and 2016 respectively. This has created a strong and loyal fandom has never been the biggest increase ever more high definition television is one of the TV shows. “It is like falling into a beautiful, stained tapestry to see Game of Thrones is praised in Time magazine for the show said. It’s epic, unflinching fantasy noir lives in, takes our preconceptions of nobility and magic. goes medieval on them. ”

2. Downton Abbey

ITV period costume finds itself in second place in the drama ‘Downton Abbey’ best fiction TV series list. Series created in 2010 by Julian Fellowes currently the 5th season premiere aired the lives of the Crawley family and their staff posted mock Edwardian follows Downton Abbey in Yorkshire in 2014. As far. The show was highly appreciated and has received accolades from around the world. In addition, on Primetime Emmy Awards gathered the most nominations, an eccentric ensemble cast also including the Guinness World Records book in 2011. The most critically acclaimed English television series Maggie Smith, Laura it was found to contain the Carmichael, Jessica Brown Findlay, Penelope Wilton, among others. “The next great” art has come Theater “series”, says the New York Daily News’ show.

3. Orange is the new black

Netflix is the best fiction TV series comes in the list of top 3 by finding himself 3rd place “Orange is the New Black”. Created by Jenji Kohan, the show is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, “Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. Premiering in 2013, and Taylor Schilling, starring put forwards Piper Kerman, a bisexual, who experiences too late did not know about the working sentenced to 15 months for a crime, “Orange is the New Black ‘. Completed two seasons with a third season on the pipeline in 2015, the show has managed to already accumulated 3 Critic’s Choice Television, 3 Primetime Emmy, 4 satellite, 3 Young Hollywood Awards, many other with the win the nomination papers. For the series in this definition, “San Francisco Chronicle, said,” In each case, character and authenticity is not a permanent feeling that helps new black support for the Orange television to a new definition of excellence . ”

4. Fargo

Dark comedy crime drama “Fargo,” loosely based on the 1996 film of the same name, which takes place on the 4th-fiction TV series, list. On the Vice Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman) as she follows her partner to solve a series of murders teams, with the Duluth Police Officer Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks). Critic’s Choice Premier and three television show in 2014, 2 in 2015 with countless primetime Emmy nominations and has already ‘Fargo’ 2014 has been presented as one of the best TV show ‘Fargo’. has been renewed for a second season quirky characters, new story, black humor was appreciated to offer that was fun and hang with strange twists.

5. Girls

HBO’s smart, sassy and funny TV series ‘Girls’ grabs the 5th position in the list of best fiction TV series, which follows a group of young people in their 20s in NYC. Creator Lena Dunham, who is also the lead star of the show, has been inspired from some of her own real life experiences. The show has been highly praise for its portrayal of female comradeship and friendship; and has won 9 awards including 1 Primetime Emmy, 1 Writers Guild of America, among 26 other nominations. Premiering in 2012, it has completed three seasons with a fourth season on the way in 2015. The series has also been adapted into books, recently.

6. True Detective

6 pulp detective fiction inspired in the countdown, anthological detective crime drama that is ‘true’, NIC Pizzolatto and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles and to create by starring Woody Harrelson. The show, which premiered in 2015 due to the already high critical acclaim and huge popularity in 2014 has been renewed for a second season. They spread a timeline of more than 17 years as a victim of a serial killer, the show follows the lives of two detectives in Louisiana. TV series I’m running in the first year, 5 Primetime Emmy, 1 Critic’s Choice Television Awards garnered 9 other papers beside the nomination. The Los Angeles admiration for the show Times wrote “True Detective slow and steady without seeming to drag sometimes. Even in the room to take the minor characters breathe, and takes independent living ; briefest scenes seem to imply the life out of “frames.

7. Raising Hope

Landing at No. 7, the sitcom is “Raising Hope”. Created by Greg Garcia and 24-year-old James “Jimmy” spot premiering in 2010, tells the story of ‘Raising Hope’, competitions, a stand with a night a serial killer, is a death sentence, and those and some who becomes impregnated by the late dies after giving birth to a child. Now, Jimmy child support single family faces a difficult task. Recently completed its fourth season in 2014, the series between satellite numerous nominations and awards Jamison, and has won various awards. Series make the audience laugh, teared up says a lot about the show, which has been successful in its own right.

8. Sherlock

In 8th position in the British Crime Fiction TV Series Best TV series “Sherlock” is himself. Their mission never seen before avatar arrogant show of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes in the early 21st century projects robbers, thieves, thieves, serial killers, smugglers and blackmailers put down. The main character’s shoes Benedict Cumberbatch. has been renewed for what it is. The other 42 nominations but won Peabody 1, 3 BAFTA, 2 Critic’s Choice Television, 7 Emmy Awards. The series has often been hailed as smart, unpredictable, and it terrifically.

9. The Big C

By drawing the biggest audience for a Showtime original series premiere, 9th spot in this countdown was arrested by the ‘Big C’. Created by Darlene Hunt, the show is about a suburban wife and mother – a high school teacher, who is diagnosed with melanoma, and how that will look for new ways to express the humor and pleasure it does well. Since its launch in 2010, series 2013. Laura Linney starring in the Season 4 is completed, the series has so far won the Satellite Award 2, 1 and 1 Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards. “The New York Times writes about the ‘Alessandra Stanley show,” The Big C works written by the most robust and reliable because “.

10. Episodes

No. 10 / British American television sitcom ‘Episodes’, David Crane and kicking up list by Jeffrey Klarik. Premiering in 2011, the show is about to play by traveling to a British husband and wife comedy writing team, Matt LeBlanc and Tamsin Greig, with devastating results, changed his successful British TV series Hollywood . According to the USA Today’s Robert Bianco, ‘Episodes’ is “LeBlanc to prove that a riotously, often can be a potent weapon it properly wield scathingly funny showbiz satire enough to know the fun smart, and talented enough “. Series 3 seasons already completed in 2014. It won the Best Actor Golden Globe Award as the main appraise series – the category 2 other Golden Globe nominations in the television series musical or Matt LeBlanc, 8 primetime Emmy nominations and a BAFTA nomination.

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