The Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian Women in 2014

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian Women in 2014

We all know Italy for its delicious dishes, wines and beautiful tourist points. But today I’m going to give an overview of the most beautiful Italian women. These women are known for their warm, attractive, sexy outlook and talent. If the top 10 most beautiful Italian women only in 2014.

1. Federica Ridolfi:

Ridolfi Federica 2014. The name of the top 10 comes first in our list of beautiful Italian women is a multi-talented woman, she is a supermodel, anchor and a writer. With this cooperative behavior of sexy and charming appeal has made it the favorite of all of Federica in Italy.

2. Claudia Romani:

Claudia is 32 years old and is a famous model from L ‘Aquila. She is to catch the eyes of his fans. Claudia made a few years ago on her first modeling contract. But now he is a prominent woman FHM.

3. Elena Santarelli:

Elena name needs no introduction. She is a famous and talented Italian actress. He owns a long, tall and beautiful figure. Elena silky hair and sexy legs are a plus for its beauty and overall outlook. Because he has received various awards for her acting skills and it is also seen plenty of cover pages of fashion magazines.

4. Giorgia Palmas:

The 33-year-old Italian-born beauty Miss Italia in 2000. Mondo Giorgia was known for his engaging personality and friendly attitude of a very beautiful woman. He has participated in various international beauty contests to represent the country and its pride.

5. Maria Grazia Cucinotta:

As a long-Maria is a dominant and Italy beautiful television actress. They have far different shows and cultural events. We can identify with the warm appeal and beautiful figure among the crowd of Italy.

6. Raffaella Fico:

Raffaella Fico is only 27 years old, is an energetic and successful women of Italy. She is an intelligent woman and have been on the magazine’s cover page. He is gifted with hot and sexy figure.

7. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy:

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was born in a small Italian town. She is a famous song writer and married to the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. Carla is a model and knows how well to keep his high popularity graph.

8. Asia Argento:

Asia was the beginning of her acting career in her childhood. He is a highly endorsed and famous Italian fashion model and an actress as well. Asia is hot, is known for appeal and under each eye tattoo design made to love this woman.

9. Caterina Murino:

She dreamed of becoming a doctor, but he has a chance to become one day the most attractive beauty and fashion models. Caterina is 36 years old and a highly energetic and well versed doubt Italy in the women’s medicine.

10. Elisabetta Canalis:

This beautiful woman is living a wonderful life. He is known for its hot and sexy figure. But this is more talented and dedicated women Elisabetta.

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