The 10 Beautiful Festivals that are a Visual Treat

The 10 Beautiful Festivals that are a Visual Treat

In the early years of civilization, the mother to worship the Supreme Being happy nature, being religious rituals as a way. Religions, faiths and beliefs have changed and expanded over time. Today the world is not taking place in a global village, where all events, and all people, regardless of religion, race, nationality or together while enjoying all ranges, such and festive times celebrate. Different Roots, causes various celebrations, and rituals. For some people, the worship of beauty enamours in that sense. All the traffic that created an atmosphere for a heavenly dimension. Then, some festivals are a feast for the eyes celebrations. Let us look at some of the most beautiful festivals that are a visual treat.

1. Holi | Hindu Nations

India is the place of colors, and this is one, the birthplace of the most colorful festivals in Holly. This ancient Hindu festival is celebrated by Hindus, or all people of all nations with an Indian origin. People, Ghulal throwing colors at each other, Aabir, etc., called to celebrate with the dry powder form or color of the water. This is the spring season, season mode, and in sync with colors. Evil spirits bonfire marking the death of Holika, is an important part of the celebration. In the Braj region of India, is celebrated to mark Radha’s love for Krishna. Overall, people revel in the spectacular Holi colors, love and happiness.

There are many more beautiful festivals that are observed all over the world. This pompous and elegant events are derived from events represent inner peace and happiness. When it comes to such events, to feel the true spirit of the event is the best way to do it, all religious or national borders to come together with open hearts, or by crossing a constriction, is.

2. The Sapporo Snow Festival | Japan

Seven days in the month of February, the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, the largest ad hosts one of the most unusual winter events in Japan. Six local high school students since launching in 1950, when the six snow sculptures. Year after year, more and more people and organizations to build snow sculptures, to join in, and Snow Festival, today, is famous for. Today, millions of people visit Sapporo to see the sculptures and statues made out of ice. Every year, the statues and sculptures Sapporo turn into a fabulous country that has become out of some fairy tale theme, but.

3. International Sand Sculpture Festival | Portugal

It also has a nice, is well known for natural caves that are held in the Algarve sculpture sand sculpture festival in the world, Portugal. Launched in 2003, the festival using 35,000 tons of sand for the construction of 50 witnesses, 60 sand artists works of art. Fiesta sculptures are made based on a new theme each year, which. These temporary sculptures is a real treat for those who are bent especially artistic eye. The exhibition is open during the creation of the atmosphere of the evening, when the ambient light is an experience in itself. Festive beautiful Portuguese beach stretches across 15,000 sq. Foot area.

4. Lantern Festival | Asia

The last day of the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, marking the February or March, after Hans Dynasty on the 15th day of the lunar calendar is celebrated in Asia. Mid-Autumn Festival, the Harvest Festival, held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese and Vietnamese calendars, which is also known as the Lantern Festival, Singapore and Malaysia, in September or October. The little paper hot air balloons suspended lantern fire in one thing in common, which is the end of the spectacular display as sky lanterns. The fire lights up the balloon, and at a number of them fill the night sky.

5. Carnival of Brazil

This annual festival of Lent before Christmas, marks the beginning of a period of forty days. The festival has its roots in the pagan festival of Saturnalia. The Carnival is essentially Catholic in nature, the world of pomp, color, music and spectacle of rhythm, like actors, especially exotic samba dancers and celebrate the streets and body paint, to show their best tricks sees wearing glitter, feathers, and some little. Ironically, a parade of violence, during which Christians represent the final act, the pleasures of Lent, meat before are expected to refrain from all acts of physical pleasures.

6. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | USA

This unique festival is held every year, different shapes, sizes and colors of hot air balloons flying in the air and covered the sky for nine days. Various events during which hundreds of balloons are launched all the time, or balloon artists, balloon or a thematically unique or size, are also seen. Balloons, lit by propane burners, and remain stable, are a dream. There are also special events and competitions. It all started back as a birthday celebration for 770 KOB Radio in 1972, and today, we have taken the largest, most beautiful form in the Balloon Festival.

7. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival | Scotland

At the end of the Yule season, every year in a variety of travel Fire Festival in Scotland, in the middle of winter, on a number of guizers celebrated with a procession. In all the pompous 1876. Today, much of the initial capital, Lerwick If culture is created by a very old tradition of Yule, where tar burning tar barrels used to be dragged on sledges by naughty men the fabric of the themed, held at the period-dress, and get back online lookers time. Down replica Viking longship at the end of a procession of torches. Past men, and the glare of the fire in the clothes of a spectacle.

8. Winter Light Festival | Japan

Winter Light Festival when the winter season, there are many other beautiful and creative festivals held throughout the country, is celebrated in Japan Kuwana City. In this city with a very special tunnel greenhouses, gardens and light, beautiful flowers focus botanical park, Nabano is no Sato. Winter Illuminations ,, are generated during the day of March, solar powered LED lights, millions of November when the bright shining, beautiful landscapes grounds and waters in the Botanical Garden celebrated by powerful images and themes based on creating scenes. Flower-shaped tunnel light LED.

9. Electric Forest Festival | United States

The Electric Forest Festival, which started less than even a decade ago as the Rothbury Festival, is a four-day multi-genre event, held at the JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan. The main focus of the event is upon electronic and jam bands. But, what captures the eyes is the ambience during this June festival. The surrounding environment becomes a kaleidoscope of psychedelic laser light shows. These blend with the electronica and the jamming. The lights and the sounds titillate different senses at the same time and create a surreal experience of wilderness. A part of the revenue from the festival is donated to Grant Township.

10. Scarlet Sails, White Nights Festival | Russia

Arctic Circle during the Sun period at midnight, White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg in Russia, the main attraction is the culmination, Scarlet Paul, competitions, entertainment, which celebrates an annual international arts festival etc. I with the red sails in a boat, amazing ambient light and spectacular fireworks show, star artists, and in between, with millions of visitors, pricing, and closed with the Neva river school rules freedom from marking. Tradition, after WW-II, red, trip boat sailing, marked by Rusty designed to update the former revolutionary propaganda and student gathering.

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