9 Signs You’re getting your period

9 Signs You’re getting your period

Periods is one of the things that always happens to every girl. We can do many things on the list as an indicator for the period. In fact, you can feel them on a monthly basis. But if you just hit the puppeteer and still unaware of the signs, continue reading.

Signs You Are Getting Your Period

1.Menstrual cramps

Women, is the most no matter what side facing menstrual pain like a traditional one for many cycles. Many women experience a day before the start of his term. At times, menstrual cramps can go out of control. Consult your doctor and get a prescription painkiller with. The right moment to take pain killer begins so that you can avoid the pain and consequences.

Fenugreek seeds soaked in a hot compress massage consumed and stomach

2.Mood swings

If you feel moody when nothing is nearing your monthly easily irritated or special, it may mean you are getting your periods.

3.Tender breasts

It happens to some women. They are growing breasts feel pain and feeling a period before the start. A warm compress and put on pain area. This will help relieve pain.

4.Back pain

Although it is not so common, few are reported to feel pain in his back before getting their periods. Sometimes causes difficulty in movement of back pain. Do not worry, it only rarely happens in rare cases.


Like menstrual pain is the pain in the head before starting a period of more women.

6.Loss of appetite

Sometimes you can feel a loss of appetite. Get your periods are the dates and the fact that the list of signs you are getting the feeling that you want your periods. When you have your period will come back to normal.

7. Pain in legs

This is a popular symbol in the context of getting up periods. Adoption of some other forms of exercise or yoga exercises will help to ease your pain.

8. Fatigue

Week feeling tired and indicated that another thing to get your periods.

9. Zits On Face

Depending on skin type, some women experience the presence of chronic acne.

There are no checklists that getting your period tells you the exact signs. Sometimes you will feel some of the pain and other times not. However, be prepared to reduce these symptoms.

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