6 What’s going through? Publish

6 What’s going through? Publish

People listen when I speak Rapper Drake. Some of the things that has recently caught hell of a lot of attention. Why are you here, 6 I do not read the Post is going through, that is.

Drake, says his album “You’re reading this it’s too late.”



“I was running through the 6 with my woes”
“You and the 6 raised me right”
“6 god”

Now, he really meant by the word problems that many of speculation around the internet. He named his fourth album, “Waves 6” comes to the same thing this time. Who has not come across more information by Drake for them, it’s here.

Drake has not officially come up with their own version of the response refers to word problems. So I will continue to keep people guessing stage the decision to open the mystery. Drake good measure!

And based on the reliable sources we have gathered a few ideas about what it might mean.

What Does Running Through The 6 Mean?

Orleans Slang

According to Urban Dictionary, “sorry” can be declared as “Whoadie” short form “ward”. This friendly neighborhood of New Orleans slang denoting. So it must have borrowed the word from Drake New Orleans and put it in a song.

Working On Excellence

“My problem,” recorded in Toronto is the name of Drake’s music group. Hi So apparently stands for “operating excellence”.


When it came to music, Drake does not seem to hide his expressions. A headache or frustration, whether they use to express everything in their music. Chances are, they may be running through Toronto City Blues Aubrey refers to the image.

6 on the power running through the heated debate that has to 105.1FM.

Hopefully we made clear with lyrics Now “I was driving through 6 with their problems”. If you are curious, watch with friends. Whenever we have a new, updated, we will hear something authentic.

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