15 of the Worst Tattoos of Celebrity Faces

15 of the Worst Tattoos of Celebrity Faces

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Oh, leads to drinking and stuff. These tattoos, Hazing has been forced by a variety of Halloween. His willingness to act are rather hard to believe. Here it should be in the next picture to appreciate Webster 25 bad tattoo the word “sorry”. Buddy the elf, who decided to Judy Clay, Clay Aiken, these are the faces that you’d never thought you’d see on the skin. Here you can muster worst celebrity tattoos Portrait internet. These guys can at least his arms, not something actresses got some hot shit kind of funny characters.

1 Willie Nelson

2 “Buddy the Elf” (Will Ferrell)

3 Alan Alda

4 Jack Black

Jack Black, chubster a freakishly accurate portrait of a strange man (maybe Pat Stoner rock star and the description …). And while it tattooed ridiculously well, and that D, awesome still. He sure I have, to face Jake me until ready to eat Order by Zanzibar is crazy!

5 Mahatma Gandhi

Respect for Gandhi, I do not believe in the face of the body should be signed, “the most sacred”. Just a thought.

6 “Comic Book Guy” (“The Simpson’s”)

Loads of people out on the punch / m gamer / a virgin tattooed on display. Some of them are actually kind of awesome. Other, “Simpson’s” Comic Book Guy, like the whole of the poor drawings with “the worst tattoo ever” script bubble took a couple of art classes at the Y looks like a smaller cousin of a man, his hold a bit of cheek and went into the city.

7 Bob Marley

The name of the disease where you can not recognize the faces of other people?

8 Napoleon Dynamite

Yet memorialized forever on the skin of a memorable film roles. Napoleon Dynamite our new favorite animal (Liger), how to dance, and about what skills sweet girls are really looking for a guy (skills, computer hacking skills nunchucking …) have taught us. This man was Napoleon brave souls were sitting on pins and needles, complete with rod, etched on his arm. Random selection, yes. Very good selection, but what the heck.

9 Bono

Person ( “South Park” episode can take the biggest s *** T Bono and Randy who, after a fight, I will respect where the tattoo a tattoo look like Randy Marsh though, Bono decided to get a tattoo). If the person he Rockers, who has always loved to wear sunglasses because Bono decided to get a tattoo, have a word names, while charitable, annoyingly happy, so I judge. But a portrait is to get that tattoo is actually indirectly!

10 Frank Zappa

Your favorite musician Frank Zappa facial tattoos as an eccentric artist, a serious declaration of love and appreciation of music. But if you’re going to get a tattoo image, I have to say on the individual’s true essence through his eyes. Or did they find in his nose.

11 Judge Judy

I just do not understand why you would ever want her, do you see this show.

12 Tori Spelling

Oh, Tori went to school in the 90210 …. not the most attractive woman, but … there are moments of weakness to attack. Thankfully, her husband Dean McDermott, it was a picture of the tattoo master, Tori reasonably attractive look to manage, is half covered her face and is looking to the side, but still granted.

13 Rachael Ray

Bet you never thought a tattoo was a famous chef on this list, but manages to at least one of the awesome star tattoos, and this is Rachel “Cartoon Voice” is not a ray. This girl is really necessary to urgently prepare meals and slightly Asian-looking tattoo.

14 Billy Mays

They had heard that he died of a drug overdose crazy intense cleaning product pitchman Billy Mays sure was a shock. I decided to get a bearded face of the piece of cake on his body tattooed guy is shocking.

15 Weird Al Yankovich

See the face of Weird Al on the wing feelings are literally the words to express feeling state, and it amazed me at least have the courage to kill the man’s face slap them for all of eternity do not have.

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