15 Netflix facts that you probably did not know

15 Netflix facts that you probably did not know

Netflix’s streaming service is a global provider of movies and TV series. They are one of the largest in the market with over 75 million clients in over 190 countries. Since it was established in 1997 and 2007, they are providing streaming service. Now that production and new TV shows, has gained some popularity among them. Cards, Orange is the new black Narcos House and some of them are.

Although it is one of the biggest providers film stream service, goods, which do not know this about many of Netflix’s exactly what we’re going for here tell a there are many.


15 Netflix Facts That you probably Didn’t Know


1.It administration’s view of the Netflix CEO R) had in mind when he called Apollo 13. Since then was charged with $ 40 for the moment, each time to collect VHS thought to produce something more logical to impose a penalty late. Sometimes hidden behind the billion dollars that late fees.

2. It is actually older than Netflix, Google may come as a surprise, yes we have companies interchange. Netflix subscription service launched in 1997 and based in surprise Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998.

3. Blockbuster LLC, had many chances to buy a big house in Netflix movie rental and streaming service supplier in the United States, but he turned down every time. Initially, the price of 50 million, but $ Netflix Blockbuster did not go for it. Right to update, Netflix is now worth $ 20 billion. If you think you have the last laugh.

4. Working in Netflix Netflix is serious business and employers take this very seriously. Employees DVD warehouse location is a secret sworn to secrecy. Then you apply for your job in the Netflix so you can keep the information. This additional activity is to save the warehouse to return to the film Love. Netflix 5,200 inspectors in the DVD is the solution that makes 650 DVD per hour per day.

5. But an amazing job working at Netflix. Also see a lot of movies and TV series you want, they will not say a word can have as many as a holiday. According to Joris Evers (Netflix spokesman), “It’s about treating people the freedom and responsibility of adults.” Working with Netflix is one of the most coveted jobs in the United States. Netflix is to stay home and watch their content and pay you to tag content with a word from a pool of 1000 words words. This is how they follow their recommendation. Well, it does a great job.

6. Have you ever tried to find if you know what Netflix Categories crazy Netflix. During the search, according to a stat 76.897 Netflix from which you can choose various types. Some of the categories are really wired, like “Black Canadian Thrillers” and “cool mustache”. They also “Subtitles are in English but still require the” like messing with April Fool’s Day from category to category name.

7. According to statistics, streams Netflix TV series or movie for an average user around 90 minutes a day. Well if you are a member of his service Netflix is so difficult to leave it out.

8. One of the most growing in the world of online movie streaming services Netflix; the company has 75 million users in more than 190 countries. Economic development of Netflix is also unusual. Netflix year revenue for 2015 was $ 6.7Billion.

9. got 75 million users of Netflix and spend an average 90 minutes consumers, as well as large and the number crunchers, Netflix user streams that 100 million hours of content every day. Yes, every day. 100 million hours in 11,408 years. SOO of fun Netflix is not very visible.

10. February 2015, produced 66 original programs for Netflix. He is thriller, drama, documentary and comedy shows in the film. House Netflix’s original “card” has won several awards and is a favorite of critics. Narcos of their original program that is created with perfection.

11. United States, Netflix United States has outranked all cable TV. It may sound crazy but it’s true, I loved more than any other cable TV networks Netflix. Until January 2015, received 57.4 million unique Netflix subscribers to Netflix. Won the race by 33 million users of Netflix; any closer.

12. What is the most watched TV series “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, no one can stop off worse in their original shows. This crime drama series has taken the world by storm but also after it ends, most watched and most loved one TV show. Walter White has become a legend who played Bryan Cranston movie fanatics.

13. Contest organized a “million dollar Netflix in 2006”, the challenge was to create a perfect video content recommendation algorithm. Contestants had to the results for the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”, the fact that “the Napoleon Dynamite” is the hardest recommend based on the ratio of the user and dislike of one of the films.

14. In 2013, when Netflix original series House “cards” “won outstanding director” for a play, it was the very first web-only series to win an Emmy Award. This way we watch TV forever turned. before online streaming only old shows, comedy sketches, and cat videos is reversed upside down just Netflix. now people know the material can come out to the Internet.

15. If you have ever wondered about the format I use Netflix envelope does no squaret Netflix “rectangle” envelope if I tell you. It does not matter why you must be thinking. Well, the US Postal Service to charge more money for square envelopes and a service like this when money is bigger. Netflix envelope of the square was spending $ 225 million to save more and to start using the “rectangular envelope”.

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