10 Ways to fix bug free from defects – Microsoft Word does not respond

10 Ways to fix bug free from defects – Microsoft Word does not respond

Big, not by Microsoft third-party applications, software programs “MS Office,” but are unable to respond due to internal failure several times. Trouble maker after spotting the problem will help you to re-WORD stable.

Especially the veterans who have learned to use the computer, Microsoft Word is being used by everyone. Because it comes with very simple: the rich text editor, procedure manuals, project reports, and create and edit a lot of people support the work characteristics. While Microsoft Word is often cited as one of the most stable communications applications from Microsoft’s home, sometimes it crashes and an annoying error message “Microsoft did not” answer. This window freezes and locks word as functionality, you will be left with the only option programs over and over again there will be no addition to the restart through Task Manager. Yes you are right. This sometimes leads to the loss of a non-recoverable data. In most cases, the word is applied to crash repeatedly. I have been worried about how it will be once I know!

Before reaching this solution, it would be useful to know the culprits that contribute to MS Word unexpected accident.


This feature data losses during the “Auto Save” can protect the work for you, so it is advisable to avoid active and Microsoft Office programs

  • Unexpected power outages
  • Unexpected application crashes
  • Internal bugs occur in Microsoft program itself

By activating this option you can set to automatically be stored per time interval X currently working document. For example, if you define a time interval as 5 minutes, the new data in your Word file will be saved once every 5 minutes.

You can take a step by step guide on how to save a word here and activate the auto recovery.

Why Is Microsoft Word Not Responding?

There are several reasons for that are suddenly “could not answer as Microsoft Word to crash and dump”. The main trouble makers are listed below

  • Despite of all the possible causes third party plug-ins are identified as the major trouble makers.
  • Virus and Malware Infections
  • You are using the Microsoft office program on a  mapped network  drive which is currently offline. When the mapped drive is connected with a low resource running slow level computer then it may also create this issue.

Remember, Windows does not answer any mistake “when freezes and throws”, which you can generate using can recover unsaved data on the surface but rarely can never be possible on rare occasions .

The following issue suggested by Microsoft and various forums for resolving Microsoft Word does not answer some of the foolproof ways. The products are tested by our team made it to the public before.

What To Do When Microsoft Word Not Responding?  

Trick 1 : Disable the Add-ins In Safe mode

You are incompatibility issues with the third party. Reasons, it has to be asked more often an abundance of it. It’s no guarantee, check the event log is produced.

So far, we are very much below 2013 users have come up with a “Microsoft Word Answer” no fault with them.

  • Acrobat PDFMaker
  • ABBYY FineReader
  • Toshiba Book Reader
  • Fun Tools

Add-ins are finally found as factors causing your problem, are all in safe mode to disable ins.

Here is how. Microsoft has launched a “user in 2 different ways of Office programs can be started in Safe Mode”.

Method 1: Using the Start Menu

Click Start–>All Programs–>Microsoft Office
Hold the Ctrl key+ Click the Microsoft office program of your choice.
In our case, Click on MS Word

The user should start by opening MS Word Safe Mode. If it does not, Method 2 using Safe Mode to start.

Method 2: Using the Command Prompt

 Hold win key + R. It should open the Run Comment box.
Type WinWord /safe” without the quotes. There is a space between “Winword” and “/”

You should now be able to start the program in safe mode word. Work in harmony with the Word program to disable all third-party plug-ins.

Here is a simple how-to.

  • Click on File–>Word Options.
  • In the appearing window click on Add-ins from the left pane.
  • At the bottom of current window, you can see the drop down box with the label Manage. By default, you can see the value “.com Add-ins” as assigned to this box. Leave as it is and click “Go”.
  • It would trigger a window with the list of all add-ins.
  • Uncheck the check boxes which will disable them to all user accounts.
  • Click OK.

Check the word Microsoft Word program and can not answer the problem persists or not. By enabling safe mode can finish your work which was done before the accident. Finish and save your work. Sometimes, you can not understand the trouble maker through the event log. At times, you will still want to identify which he crashed his job recently added. To do this, try to increase by an activating effect and check-ins every time. Unless you are, everyone will work fine when activated, resulting in the activation, you will end up with the same problem again. Make a note of this plugin and never turn it on again.

Now you can remove the exit program from Safe Mode by clicking on File-> there. The next time you restart your program, which will be launched in normal mode.

Trick No 2: Update Your Graphics Card To A Newer Version

Having outdated graphics card on your system problem, resulting in MS Word said. Check whether you’re running the latest version on your computer, which is outdated, driver updates from the manufacturer’s website to update or vendor.

Check whether it helps to resolve this issue.

Trick No 3: Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration


If Microsoft Word does the trick every now and then crash or hardware graphics acceleration and disabled can resolve the issue, work just fine in safe mode.

You can disable hardware acceleration of graphics UI or using Registry Editor.

Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration Using UI

Open a blank word document
Click on File–>Options

From the Word Options window appears, select Advanced from the left pane menu.

Scroll down the window and under the section named display, enable the check box “disable hardware graphics acceleration”.
Click ok.

Using Registry Editor

  1. Open Run dialogue box by pressing the key combination, windows key + R. Type Regedit and hit Ok
  2. It will open the Registry editor.
  3. Expand the left pane of the registry editor window and navigate to the path

  1. Right click on common and create a subkey with the name “Graphics” by choosing New->Key.
  2. Select the Graphics subkey. On the right pane click on the blank space and select New->Dword Value. Enter the name of the new DWORD as “DisableHardwareAccelaration” as shown in the image. 
  1. Double click on this key and set its value to be 1.
  2. Click ok
  3. Restart the system so the new changes will be effective.

The problem remains unchanged, then try to repair Office programs.

Trick 4 : Repair Office Program

Microsoft Office programs every now and then sometimes only the application will crash when the truck started again. If not, try to repair and restart the computer. This includes third party such as those due to all registry changes resets, it will once again bring the program is in stable condition.

  • Launch Control Panel
  • Click on the item “Program And Features “
  • Select the Microsoft office application that needs to be repaired.
  • Complete the Reparation process
  • If this process does not resolve the issue, you may need to uninstall and re-install the Microsoft Office Package once.

Trick No:5 Fix The Issue By Disconnecting The Offline Network Drive

If you’re using Microsoft Office on a mapped network. In such cases, if the error does not answer Microsoft Office, you may need to disconnect your system from all network devices.

  • Right click on “My Computer” à click “Disconnect Network Drive”.
  • From the dialog box triggered, choose the drive that requires to be disconnected.
  • Click ok
  • Repeat the same until all the offline network drives are disconnected from your system.
  • Now launch the Microsoft word and check whether the issue remains. In the most probable cases, your Microsoft office 2010 should start to work normal now.

Trick 6: Resolving the Bug with Microsoft Office Application Recovery

Microsoft Office program, the error response does not provide branch Sometimes a simple solution using Application Recovery tool.

Start> Programs- to click through> feature from Microsoft Office Tools, open Microsoft Office application to use Recovery

It will list all currently running Office programs with its current state (no response jogging, etc.).

Although multiple instances of the same program are running simultaneously, will appear in the dialog box just a sample program.

Now you recover and click “application select the application you want to induce”. The application by the closing force and unsaved data recovery will resume.

Trick 7: Delete the Word Data Registry key

Microsoft Word is not the answer or does not work, if properly carry out this procedure you can detect the following errors from Microsoft.

Delete the Word Data Registry Key

Open the Registry and corresponds to the version of MS Office programs that provide statistical data registry subkey spot.

  • Word 2010: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Word\Data
  • Word 2007: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Office\12.0\Word\Data
  • Word 2003: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Office\11.0\Word\Data
  • Word 2002: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft \Office\10.0\Word\Data
  1. Select Data on the left pane and click File à Save this file under the name “Wddata.reg”on your desktop.
  2. Delete it using the option EditàDelete from the file menu.
  3. Close the registry editor.

Start Word program. It is very good if not properly and does not cause any problem. If not, we restore the registry key data and backup data from your desktop.

Trick No 8: Keep The System Free From Threats

Changes can execute application files are actually installed. When one is infected with viruses or malware programs, programs associated with Microsoft Word, which will lead to frequent application crashes. In such cases, free system is indispensable to keeping security risks. Update security software and run a full system scans periodically.

Trick No 9 : Use Registry Cleaner

Big Microsoft Windows 7 operating system has a damaged registry of the most common reasons for not responding. Virus and malware infections registry cleaning registry settings restored to its original condition by the issue will help to solve, such as changing the registry values.


Trick No 10 : Call Up The Microsoft Office Support

If you’re running a licensed copy of Microsoft Office programs? If your answer is yes, try to contact Microsoft customer support team. He will solve the problem in a professional manner.

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