10 Incredible Albino (and Leucistic) Animals

10 Incredible Albino (and Leucistic) Animals

Albino animals, which means that a genetic mutation caused by the absence of tyrosinase in pigment cells do not produce the pigment melanin,. While true albinos are thought to be rare in the wild, a similar genetic abnormality called a large number of animals leucism that appear in white fur, feathers, scales, or skin. The albino animal photo gallery includes several leucistic animals. How do you tell them apart? It is in the eye color. As you know, true albinos have red or pink eyes, but leucistic animal, black, or it could have blue eyes.


The child was found in albino green turtles newly hatched Australia. Green turtles between albino births, so there are just a few of the many hundreds of thousands of spotting one is not a maybe. Sadly, the lack of color makes them easy prey.


No known albino giraffe in the world, but there are several leucistic giraffe – Omo has been seen, the above image in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, like.


These beautiful pink predators that hunt them very Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana, has been seen many times, most recently in 2015. albino dolphins are very rare and unfortunately, – Local fishermen this rare pink dolphins, “Pinki “says.


It is up to no good pair were seen in Texas.


Alberta Albino Joey lives with his animal park in Marlow, Germany.


Whitmore sunflower are not human, but leucism a genetic mutation that causes a lack of pigment in their plumage.



There is a white albino tiger, but because of its coloring albinism is caused by a single gene mutation that causes.

Humpback Whale

It’s never around albino humpback whales occasionally makes the Australian Gold Coast. Migaloo they call it.


“The Snowflake” was found in Equatorial Guinea in 1966. Although modern He died in 2003, he remains the man known albino gorilla.


“White Diamond” Hodenhagen, living in Serengeti Park in Germany.

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